What Is Your Customer’s Core Desire

What Is Your Customer's Core Desire? StoneGye.com

5-Steps to Delivering Irresistible Solutions Your Clients Need and Want

After reading this you will know how to leverage your commerce, desire, sales, passion, offers, and #proposal overtures in an irresistible way every moment of the day. Developing mastery of this has a direct correlation to how connected you are to your own #passions as they connect with a solution your customer needs.  

The Fail

I remember when I met my first wife. We went on a date and I had an expectation she would walk a few paces behind me because of the way I was raised. She walked back to the car and the date almost ended as abruptly as started. Thankfully, she forgave my naivete and astounding ignorance. While we were married for 7 years, it ended in divorce.

Almost all human conflict has a foundation in ineffective communication. It was my responsibility during our relationship to learn her language and communicate in a way that let her know I was for her greatest good. I was not successful. While some may say it is the responsibility of both parties to #communicate effectively, my line in the sand is I can only control what I decide to feel, think and say. Contingent upon my intent, that energy can and always does impact others around me. It is the same for you. When you blame others for a ‘failure’ in your life, you give up the right to pour forth #abundance. 

The reason you want to consider this is that others are not other. They are you. Others or ‘they’ are another vibration of the energy of you. If this is true, how much more will you Love and nurture what is your expanded self? Sharing the story of my marriage that ended is a great segway into the 5-Steps to You Delivering Irresistible Solutions Your Clients Need and Want.

Step 1 – Know Your Own Desire

When you know your core desires, you are authentic and true to yourself. This transparency resonates with those in your life. In the example of a relationship, if you are only in a relationship because of what someone can give you, it doesn’t work because there will always be someone else who can give more. You are actually in a #relationship with the conversation about the thing you want rather than the person who is providing it for you. In the same way, if you are only in business because you want to earn a living or make money, you will not have customers for very long because they can feel their value is only about what parts from their wallets to your bank account. Delve in deep to get to the root of your desire. For every single human being, it is to Love, be loved and to be accepted as they are. When you can articulate your core desire in your business as a solution for your raving fans, you have a winning formula for your community.

Step 2 –  Articulate and Plan the Actions of Your Desire

It is great to have identified your desire and quite another to take action and live within the integrity of your design. It is similar to being healthy. You know your body will most likely better off without having that last slice of key lime pie but you do it anyway. When you develop a plan for your core desires, it is a map that sometimes has an expected end. The #journey is the most rewarding. After all, if you know everything that is going to happen in a book, why read it? It is the twists and turns that make it so compelling. When you get into a relationship, your prospective partner also wants to know that they can count on you. What is your plan for sharing the journey for mutual value? Your customers are the same. When you can share confidently in your customer’s language, at their watering hole consistently, you have a winning formula for deepening your relationship with them.

Business is Desirable Relationships - StoneGye.com
Business is Desirable Relationships – StoneGye.com

Step 3 – Courtship, Foreplay and Titillation

When was the last time you were sitting in a cafe and someone randomly came up to you and asked to get married? If it has happened to you with any regularity, how is that working out for you? In the same way, have you considered there are a lot of businesses that do that? They think they know who their customers are and they figuratively shove a dick-pic in their customers face.

Treat your customers as you would someone you really want to make a difference to and care about. Treat them as you would someone you wish to have a life-long relationship with. I am not talking about having children with them. You may have people in your life who have stood the test of time. Even if you do not, you can most likely imagine it. Engage all of your stakeholders, suppliers, joint ventures, prospects, customers, etc., in a way that they always know they are special and cherished. You want to create strategies for yourself that will keep this front of mind as you maintain a childlike curiosity for what would really titillate the world of your customer.

Go through all the stages of romance for each archetype. While you may feel it odd to make an analogy between your personal relationships and business it is perfect. The reason is that business is not business. Business is relationships. No one enters a relationship because of what you are ‘selling.’ We do so because of the value and solution it brings to our life. This is why it is so important for you to be aligned with your desire. If you are in business doing something you hate, it will be hard work and suck the energy from your soul. Instead, be in alignment with your desires and connect with others that want a similar experience for themselves.

It isn’t necessary to force someone to make a purchase. All of your trickery, strategy, ‘secrets’ and slight-of-sales-hand is less than nothing if it doesn’t meet your customers’ needs. Just be yourself and always provide your best for the purpose of being a blessing to your community. Doing this consistently, long term is the best way to make a difference. If your thing is offering SEO, PPC, SMM or any variant of digital marketing, write case studies about your work. If you do not have case studies, talk about your passions. There is always something you can contribute. If you have a talent for video, train others who would like to and do not understand it the way you do.

Step 4 – Supersize it

A common attribute of light, love and life is that it always wins and is always expanding. When was the last time you took flowers home to your partner unexpectedly and not because you were in trouble? When was the last time you surprised your family with a holiday or some other gesture you knew they wanted or had been #dreaming about? Have you ever secretly gathered intel on a friend for the purpose of organising a surprise party? These things make a lasting impression upon those who receive it. They remember that they matter and are loved.

What can you do to communicate from the heart that your customers are special in an unexpected way? Hazard a guess…. You could ask them! Ask your network or supergroup. Stalk your customer’s social media to see what they are passionate about and send it to them. Organizations that operate this was as part of how they breath do not have customers, they have raving fans and advocates. Who are a few you can think of other than Apple, Disney and Google?

Step 5 – Rinse and Repeat Desire

If you decide that your business really is how you manifest solutions to your customers through relationships, you will want to create a system that does it for you easily, all the time, regardless of you being available or not. It is how you scale and develop as a person. Anything you want to improve, such as sales, you want to measure the attributes which contribute to conversions. Everything in your business you may do more than twice is eligible for a system. Automating your business has the following benefits:

  1. Increased sales;
  2. Deeper relationships with your customers;
  3. Better customer service and quality delivery;
  4. Necessary for exit strategies;
  5. Lower operational costs;
  6. Increased profits; and much more…

While this has focused on who you are BEING as related to your customers rather than ‘What or How to do,’ it is necessary before the How. Without Being Love, Light, and related to your customers, you do not deserve to serve them nor should you be in business. Our life in this vibration is too short to be spent with those who will not cherish you or celebrate your greatness. Doesn’t your customer deserve the same?

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