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SEO What and Why

Google wants the internet to be more relevant and valuable. In other words, Google wants you to create deep purposeful relationships with your customers and the communities you serve. Currently, the most search is accomplished by matching keywords to content. The downside to this is humans do not communicate in that way. We speak with sentences, ask questions and interact. This richness is not immediately available and is the way search engines are trying to develop their own relevance.

Search engines give higher rankings to content by measuring how many sites are linking to the content as a valuable reference, how many times the content is accessed and read, how long people are staying on the page and several other metrics. You get the picture. In short, search engine optimisation is the practice of matching keywords and phrases to the those who would most benefit from using it.

The reason SEO is both necessary and essential for your website is without it, your site will not be seen. In the simplest terms, on page SEO is how you connect your content as a solution for those who need it and off page SEO is how others rate the relevance of the solution your content provides by linking to it from their site (backlinks).

SEO organically makes it easier for those who need the solution you are sharing to find it. SEO is similar to the care you take in a relationship to communicate your loyalty and devotion. Without effective communication, there is no relationship. In the same way, without SEO, your website is not going to be seen organically, which means spending an inordinate amount of resources for traffic.

Not having SEO on your site is similar to two people professing their undying love to one another, organising a wedding date, with all the appointments and at the designated time, one of the two do not show up for their own wedding.

If you are going to spend that much time, effort and expense building a website and launching it, you want to have the people who benefit the most from your offerings to show up. That is the ‘WHY’ of SEO.

From the perspective of the client, this is the best value for them in causing organic traffic to their site. It also means it is the most affordable. From the vantage of the reseller (digital agency), this is an annuity service that enables them to deliver more value and quality service to their clients. It is the perfect Win-Win-Win storm.

Hands down, SEO is the most powerful online marketing value proposition. The long-term game it plays consistently outperforms PPC and every other online marketing tactic. A business without SEO is similar to a stick a dog is too lazy to fetch.SEO Objections

The manner in which SEO is applied changes frequently. This is because we do not own the technology used to search the internet. Because we are using it, we must play by the rules of those who govern it. With every new algorithm change, it means digital agencies must calibrate the way they deliver service to their clients are positioned in the most favourable way with their customers.

SEO is as necessary to a business that wishes to be profitable as it is water for a fish to breath.

Rather than deal with objections to SEO in general, we will focus on the aspect of using outsourced offshore arbitrage:

I’m concerned about using offshore labour:

Yes, there are a lot of outsourcing companies that don’t get results and it can often be hard to find an organisation that is trustworthy and transparent. Using an organisation registered in the country you do business, with an offshore team that is directly employed is a good start. This means their processes are purposely designed and congruent with western quality standards and localised as appropriate. Ensuring they have a holistic approach is next.

I’ve been compromised before:

This happens frequently when agencies use outsourcing assets that are not appropriately resourced and do not have a holistic business model. As an example of what a holistic model can achieve, there was an agency that wasn’t getting any results with their previous wholesaler and was at risk of losing their customer. The holistic organisation offered a risk-free trial of their SEO service. During the trial period, the account got back on track, allowing the agency to keep their customer.

I’m not sure about their ability to produce results:

It’s difficult to come by a solution that is cost-effective and produces quality results. With holistic providers, SEO and digital services have guaranteed results. If they don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

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How to Sell SEO

You offer SEO as an opportunity the way you would share any of your other solutions. Understand what the core driver is for your customer. What do they need and want? What is driving those desires?

Your customer does not want SEO. They do not want any other bit of technology or widgets you have. What they want is an experience that gives them the acknowledgement of a meaning they have created in their head. As an example, a BDM may want to generate more sales because she would like to have enough to pay for a holiday for her family. The holiday is not important. The connection made available, how that feels to them and the meaning associated with that feeling is the driver for the holiday and hence securing more sales.  Chunk down by asking,

  1. Why is that important,
  2. Tell me more about that,
  3. How would you make that available,
  4. When will this become urgent,
  5. Why do you say it that way, etc.,
  6. Who else is impacted by this staying the way it currently is?
  7. When the situation is transformed, what are the Top 3 positive impacts to you and those closest to you?
  8. Why is it important to transform this Now instead of in the future?

The more you support your customer in understanding their ‘Why,’ the better you can position your solution as an answer to their pain point.

Not having SEO is similar to a grown man going into a public toilet and urinating with his pants down to his ankles. No one wants to be near that guy.

Not having SEO is similar to going on a date, organising an expensive meal and when you go to leave, you realise you left the house without your wallet. You’re getting no love or a next date.

Not having SEO is similar to being 5’2” and trying out for the NBA. It will never work.

Not having SEO is similar to going to a foreign country without a map and not speaking the language. You will be lost.

Not having SEO is similar to saving money to have a house built and when the project starts, you only have enough to pour concrete for a driveway. You didn’t plan or count the costs properly

Not having SEO is similar to putting on a blindfold and then attempting to drive cross country. You’re going to end up dead.

Shall I go on?

If your agency and or your customers do not have SEO, organise it now. If you have a customer who doesn’t have SEO urge them to get it yesterday. If you are in business and have a website, it is your lifeblood and how you are connected with your customers.

Please remember you can not add value effectively if you compete on price and features. Those do not resonate with the limbic brain and rarely part of a decision matrix. Instead, always position value in the way your customer needs it. When a human being makes a decision to purchase, it is always emotional. For more on selling processes, systems, and strategy, book a possibility conversation me.

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