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Stone Gye - Whispers From Your Essence

Whispers From Your Essence is your inner voice, your Spirit.

It is the great I AM that has no beginning or end.

It is who and what you truly are, source energy and Love.

Everyone throughout history has access to this quiet whisper because we are all the same organism, the same energy. The slight variations we choose to notice are as simple as the distinction between your nose and a pancreas.

I was 15 years of age and it was 430am. I was walking down a dark residential street to get to the first leg of 4 that would have me at school on time by 7am. There was nothing unique about this morning other than a man who suddenly burst from his front door screaming obscenities and threatening violence. These were the days before the internet or mobile phones. Even though he was 2 blocks away, I couldn’t figure out how he was able to see me in the dark or if we knew one another. It was very unlikely. He became more agitated and ducked inside to pull out a shotgun and began shooting at me. Even with all of the commotion he was creating, no one came out to investigate. Thankfully, I was out of range when he started firing.

During the entire experience, I was calm and felt peace. A voice inside said I everything was fine and that I was safe. I didn’t have an urge to run nor did I feel my life was in danger.

You may have similar situations in your life when you just knew there was another reality even though there was no physical evidence to justify your peace. You / We always have divine guidance in every moment and there is a way to harness this deliberate compass consciously and with passionate purpose.

#WhispersFromYourEssence will never force you to do to anything or speak evil. Nor will it encourage you to do things that would harm others as it is you harming yourself. They speak and cultivate Love and have their movement in all things. Everything that is unknown and known has been created by this unassuming, Loving voice.

When you were born, the voice was most noticeable and as you reached the age of 7 and beyond, the voice was more difficult to hear. This is not because it diminished. It is because you chose to look at the extern as your reference for reality instead of perceiving with your spiritual senses. You may decide to call this voice Energy, God, I AM, and or Qi and that is fine because you are all of these things. Your identity cannot be defined or categorised as you are nothing and everything.

Your aspirations, dreams and curiosity have already been granted because you spoke them into reality by your frequency. When a child anticipates the holidays or their birthday, they are full of glee and expectation because they know they will be receiving presents. This is an appropriate example of how it works for you. As you become aware of particular feelings and thoughts, the frequency is the energetic equivalent of planting the seed to cause its growth. Your appreciation, expectation and gratitude are the fertiliser, sunlight and water.

You may focus on your health by consuming appropriate fuel that will cause you to thrive and by keeping your body in a state a perpetual movement as it was designed, your physical body becomes more and more conditioned. As you focus on Love being the filtration for your life, you develop similar spiritual conditioning. This cannot be escaped. Ignorance will not save you. The more you surrender to the Love you are, the more it can overflow consciously by design in your life.

Everything you are experiencing has been your creation. There is nothing external to you. There is only You. This fundamental being is even more sure than gravity. Gravity does not operate in waves based upon feelings, seasons or morality. It is constant. The fact that you are a creator is indisputable.

For the next year, Monday through Friday, your Spirit will be sending you reminders of who and what you really are. Consider the applicability of applying love to business, relationships , your thoughts and feelings.

Be a blessing to all you come in contact with because ‘they’ are You.

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