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Leads, Leads, Leads – Top 50 for Agencies Who Niche in Fitness

Depending on who you speak with prospecting and sales are either tedious or exceptionally rewarding. This article caters to the latter. It is especially easy to source leads and referrals when your heart is in a space of appreciation and joy expectancy. Said another way, as you are appreciating your passion and desire to contribute to others, finding those to do good for is an endless flow of abundance.  WHY might you consider the fitness industry as a source of such abundance? It is one of the fastest growing of all industries with forecasts as high as $22 trillion globally by 2022 and no signs of slowing down.Without further ado, here are your 50 possible sources for lead generation if your digital agency focuses on the health and fitness industry.
  1. Large Gym franchises, such as Goodlife or Fitness First – these mega brands tend to have a centralised digital agency. That doesn’t mean you can’t support them. All that is required is to establish rapport through Linkedin or other networking avenues with decision makers, who can point you in the direction of how to best make a case. In these circumstances, you will want to be laser clear about your point of difference and what you are able to deliver (quantified) in a way that others can not. The larger brands tend to focus more on the dollars and cents of transactions than on corporate social responsibility, so make sure your proposal caters to the appropriate audience. When you are successful at securing an agreement with a large franchise, be prepared to leverage your capacity using a digital services wholesaler. Once you are it, be ready to bathe in leads.
  2. Single operator gyms – the language these entrepreneurs are listening for is stability, security and consistency. In other words, your offering has to tangibly demonstrate that you can attract, convert and retain their customers. These operators are well positioned for a complete online business system that the larger brands tend not to manage effectively. It can be a single operators point of difference.
  3. Registered Training Organisations, such as the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers – whilst organisations of this scope tend to have their own digital agencies, they tend not to have packages for their graduates to leverage local SEO, Facebook ads and the like. Connecting with the decision makers, you will want to share how your offering will benefit the RTO, increase market share for their graduates and have an affiliate offer. #batheinleads
  4. Networking Groups – It is rare to find personal trainers at networking groups because they are usually technicians and not very good business operators. When you do find one there, they are hungry for more.  Approach them about having a conversation on what it would be like to be at capacity all the time. What would that do for their lifestyle? What could that make available for their dreams? #batheinleads
  5. Marketing Agencies, that focus on the health industry – Marketers are not advertisers, nor do they execute tactical plans. Marketers, with exception to full-service agencies, always create the magic and then leave others to implement. Approaching the right agency can be a win for you because you can exchange services as well as work together on providing the best value for customers. It will be essential that you can expertly deliver online business automation as this will be the bulk of your work with marketing professionals and Personal Trainers. Using Agile CRM is one of the most economical and user-friendly platforms available. Finding leads for Marketing agencies is like shooting fish in a barrel – too easy.
  6. Outdoor Group Fitness Trainers – are one of the easiest to market to because they are location specific. A consistent and robust local SEO campaign coupled with regular online contests and FB ads will do wonders. You will also want to make sure their Instagram account is optimised. Most tend to work early in the morning and in the evening when work has finished. #Politely go up to them AFTER their session has finished with an invitation to connect when it is convenient for them. They will love you for the personal touch.
  7. Personal Trainers with franchise agreements – can be a tricky one because they are usually paying high fees for the right to train at a gym. Most of their clientele comes from the existing local gym database. The trainers who are entrepreneurs understand that their business, their brand, and the person, are all the same. They will know that their branding has to extend beyond the gym walls for them to have a future in the industry. They can be an arrogant bunch so cater to their ego and ask open questions about how great they are including, What kind of reach would you like to have outside of the gym and How will that be sustained long-term? If you want to source more leads for Personal Trainers, create a relationship with any all-you-can-eat venue or ‘sports bar.’
  8. Body sculpting associations and federations – When you have a love for the industry, these kinds of opportunities will flow from you. Associations and federations almost never have marketing of any kind so it is a huge blessing to be a position to support them.
  9. Athletic apparel retailers – Depending on the retailer being a large brand or solo operator will contribute to how you approach them. Obviously, the way you would with every interaction, you will find out from their perspective what is important to them and where is the pain in their life. Being able to provide a solution to their pain means you are now adding value.
  10. Athletic apparel wholesalers – and manufacturers all want the same thing, to unload their stock. If they have a preferred retailer and you can support the marketing effort on both ends, you have a winner. Going into a conversation, it may be useful to have scrubbed hundred of their top prospects to put into a cold nurturing sequence.
  11. Supplement retailers – This is one of the most lucrative games available because there is so much misinformation and consumers are largely uneducated. They will buy anything that fulfils on a promise to be younger, thinner and happier. Your approach can be to target the right kind of customers who are there for the right reasons and see the value of the product line when it is ethical. #batheinleads
  12. Supplement manufacturers and wholesalers – Do your research to find out where manufacturing is done. Be sure that if you are going to promote a brand it is a product you are congruent with. If you take on a client and do not endorse their values, your campaign and relationship with them will fail.
  13. Private Medical Centres – have a few doctors who have collaborated to provide services. Each one usually has a specialty and are independent under the created brand. Because their patients are local and doctors have a high level of perceived trust, providing an opportunity for them supports yourself and your portfolio. It is a good idea to share with them how your portfolio and offer work together to enhance what they are doing. For instance, if you are providing services for personal trainers, supplement providers and equipment manufacturers, you will want to introduce them all at a networking event and encourage them to have affiliate links for their products and services, which is something you can organise.
  14. Specialist Medical Procedures such as plastic surgery – depending on what area of the country you are, there is a chance to offer both local and international coverage. Once you have figured out the formula so that they are fully booked, you now have a client for the life of your business.
  15. Dental Surgeons – are not business operators and they understand systems. They tend to get a system that works and not change. It is going to be the same for most medical professions, especially those that are highly regulated. Studies show that medical professionals that are ‘liked’ are 90% less likely to have a malpractice suit. Inversely, there can be a medical practitioner who is far more qualified and with a poor bedside manner. The later is always a lawsuit waiting to happen. Your service can be a solution to that challenge.
  16. Osteopaths – Allied health practitioners of all kinds have the challenge of consumers not understanding what they do or the benefits. Look at how you can transform that for them and create a vehicle where more people are looking at them for solutions instead of traditional ‘modern’ medicine.
  17. Naturopaths – Tapping into the listening of these professions is key. What are their concerns? It would be a mistake to think that everyone wants to sell more stuff. What is their reason for wanting to reach out of the abyss and separate themselves from all the noise?
  18. Fitness directories – make a promise that when you list with them, you will be seen. History has demonstrated this is not true. The model of directories when they first start is to offer free access and then as they grow to start to offer paid listings. Without an aggressive plan, most brands never realise their potential. This is where you come in. By taking on part of their business to demonstrate feasibility and scale, you can showcase a result that exceeds what they were previously delivered. It takes a small army to deliver on this properly and with your wholesale team, you can hit it out of the park. #batheinleads
  19. Health directories – are an amazing bunch because most of the practitioners are doing everything they can to distinguish themselves when a more effective approach is to connect with the problems they solve expertly. Work with them to elicit the psychological profiles of their customers and then attract those behaviour types for them. It is useless to have thousands of the wrong eyeballs looking at their offering. You want to go right into the living room of those who are best served.
  20. Health food retailers – as the major ‘food’ brands are getting the memo that they are not actually selling food, health food retailers are becoming more popular. It is always best practice to share how your service will 1. Connect with the right people 2. Educate the public about the story of the retailers brand and 3. Create more opportunities for them to impact their communities. Consumers are largely not interested in features and benefits the way we were told prior to the 1990’s. They tap into the way a product or service makes them feel.
  21. Athletic supply retailers – the growth and size of the industry make this so easy. It is almost as simple as shooting fish a barrel as the saying goes. Rather than run standard keyword campaigns, run opportunities for a particular niche to participate in what the retailer is passionate about. Always niche, even within the niche of fitness. One size does not fit all and your services do not have to either. Consider setting up a Google Shop because this exponentially makes their inventory available to a wider audience.
  22. Specialist athletic classes, such as Hiit – are remarkable because the avatar for these services is so well defined. The area to play in is to provide services that educate those who are on the edge of entering the avatar. Additionally, you will want to demonstrate the community connection this group has.
  23. Martial Arts studios – because these are so distinct, it is easier from an SEO perspective to make a difference. Be prepared to offer a reach that is international so that the studio is seen in other countries. Create a map whereby consumers are able to see where the art came from and how it has propagated. You will be able to source an avalanche of leads for these clients.
  24. Local Capoeira Groups – similar to martial arts studios, create backlinks to Brasil. Additionally, offer a translation service where the site can be searched seen in Portuguese.
  25. Community Sports Associations – these beautiful organisations have been started because someone had a passion to connect the community through sport. What makes them even richer is the level of participation. Partner with these groups to support them in developing content that showcases the difference they make in individual lives and that of the community.
  26. Basketball associations and clubs – these groups have exceptionally #passionate members. They eat, drink, sleep basketball. The only thing better than basketball is more basketball. Showcasing their enthusiasm and passion is going to be your key success. They are also
  27. Fitness and Health industry authors – If an author is self-published or having taken on the services of a large brand, they all want one thing; more sales of their content. For many, it was a work of passion and dedication to produce something they felt would add value to the planet. Publishers have millions of titles to promote and are not entirely concerned with one book from one author. Authors can sometimes spend more than $50k to publishers and still not get the traction they intended. That is where you come in. When you can share a way to cause sales on-going, you have a winning formula. We have created online business automation for Authors and can support you here.
  28. Instagram Fitness Influencers (100,000+ followers) – There is a stigma that it is only immature millennials in this niche of ‘influencers’ and that they have little to offer. Before holding on to such views, look at the data. Use sites similar to socialrank.com to see what the numbers say. By selecting markers of performance, you are able to understand there is a formula causing the masses to hang on their every word. Follow them. Create rapport, interact with their posts, notice how they engage with you. From standing in their shoes, figure out what more they want and then provide the solution. Give your best stuff. Marketing products on influencer profiles can go for $5k – $50k for one post depending on the influencer. They will not turn you down if you can deliver even more performance on their account.
  29. Chocolatiers – Yes, I know this may not really be about health and fitness, but dark chocolate has many medicinal benefits. Ok, forget it. This is on the list because I love chocolate and would use any reason to introduce it.
  30. Boxing studios – This is a niche flooded with Influencers in DISC profiling. They are pumping with creativity and starving for more. Creating campaigns and remarketing strategies is a slam dunk with this niche.
  31. Local Freerunning and Parkour groups – Freerunning and Parkour are part of an underground expression of freedom and pure creation. These athletes are organised by the love of what it means to them. Breaking into this genre is special because you have to ‘get it’ to get in. Just because they are not organised in the traditional sense does not mean they to don’t want to share their love of movement and what is possible. Engage at their level and look for ways that you can make a difference where others have discounted them viable.
  32. Cycling Enthusiast groups – Cyclist can spend more than $30k for all of their gear, including the bicycle. It would be an understatement to describe them as committed and disciplined. One of the attributes binding these communities is #competition. The drive to do more, go faster, longer is insatiable.  Watch youtube videos of what members are posting to understand the adrenaline rush it to participate and for inspiration on how you can contribute to them. You will have no end of finding leads for these clients.
  33. Meetup Fitness groups – Group owners are sometimes disillusioned to think just because they have created a meetup group that people will show up. It takes more than that. It will take you showing them how they can have a meetup group with teeth or just another thing that is going to collect dust and eat money.
  34. Massage studios – 10 years ago, it was easy to create a free advert online at multiple sites and still be able to generate reasonable business. It is no longer that way because of all the options available. Single operators are yearning to go from playing business being professionals. That takes investment and commitment. You are the conduit that will show them the way.
  35. Physiotherapists – similar to osteopaths in marketing. #batheinleads
  36. Day spas – usually have a spend for marketing and do not do it right. For the most part, they treat their service as something that is nice to have instead of essential. When you can support them by telling stories of how they contribute more than just helping customers relax, you are creating content that truly resonates with their avatar. Share with them how to can create education pieces to go along with their selling phase.
  37. Netball associations and clubs – similar to #community sport associations
  38. Local RSL – have venues where the whole community can come together and they are usually underutilised. Work with them to create a best-case scenario. How can they increase membership whilst keeping the facility at #capacity during peak and off-peak hours? This is where you can come in to save the day.
  39. SLSCs – these venues are all along the coasts. There is an untapped market for those who do not know about these as options. They are non-surfers. For whatever reason, they didn’t get the memo. Similar to RSLs, speak to their pain points to support the perfect storm for their venue.
  40. Swim clubs – tend to be attached to an SLSC. Use the same focus you would for smaller organisations which are to listen to what they really want and give them wow.
  41. Running clubs – are easily found in Facebook and Meetup groups.
  42. Tennis clubs – this is another ‘shooting fish in the barrel’ lead because they are geographically fixed and usually members of a larger club. The club may have SMM and digital services for the larger club but not specifically the tennis club. Give, give and give.
  43. Health Retreats – ultra exclusive venues such as Gwinganna already have a sizeable database and can sometimes fall into the trap of discontinuing marketing efforts when they reach capacity and are booked out 6 months in advance. Share how your services will continue that trend and create new opportunities for additional revenue streams and increased capacity. #batheinleads
  44. Personal Chefs – are an underserved group. Most perceive this to only be available to the ultra rich. Their services are necessary, accessible and affordable. Become a storyteller of the benefits they provide their avatar. What you will find is that their avatar expands, giving them more business as their campaigns go into the 3rd and 4th quarters. The reason it is easy to find leads for personal chefs is that they provide such a valuable service. Most have the idea that the service is too expensive, yet when you add the cost of time and skill, having a personal chef is a must.
  45. Dance choreographers – similar to group fitness and always easy to find leads for.
  46. Nutritionists – are not all the same. They each have different #experiences, stories and a niche.  Being able to elicit their uniqueness will attract avatars they had not thought about. Your role as a digital marketer is not only to provide the technical heavy lifting, it is also to fulfil on the second part of your title – a marketer. If that is not your superpower, you absolutely want to upskill AND have people you can rely on who do have that superpower. A great place to find leads for nutritionists is joint ventures such as general practitioners, allied health professionals and the like.
  47. Dance academies – are so fun to watch and be in the space of. Dance is as unique as our fingerprints.  In developing keywords with your prospect, flush out the WOW factor they have as connected with a solution to a problem in the market. As with so many other scenarios, this will expand their available market.
  48. Surf clubs – similar to swim clubs and SLSCs.
  49. Group Fitness curriculum providers, such as Les Mills – are a small community. They are intense and full of #energy. Many times an instructor will have more than one gym they are attached to in addition to running their own practice or having a full-time job. When they are compensated based on the number of people participating in their class, connecting with their audience is very important. When you are able to create a circumstance where customers, who are not members of the club, join because of the class, you have a winning formula.
  50. Posing coaches – have been in the industry a long time. They are veteran body sculptors and a wealth of knowledge. Providing them with this service is a means for them to leave a legacy most forget about. In going through the attraction, selling and wow phases with them, focus on education and offer more segments. #Leads for posing coaches are the easiest to find because of the very well defined niche.


What truly works with all opportunities is to become thoroughly mesmerized and engaged with what is happening in your customer’s world. Put on their shoes and from appreciation, partner with them to create solutions that leave everyone titillated and wanting more magic-stuff. If you are ever not sure which direction to go in, remember your gut never steers you wrong. Some clients may feel a little uncomfortable because they are not used being treated as if they really matter. Keep doing YOU!
It isn’t the Market; It’s You!
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