Whatcha’ Gonna’ Do Now?!

5-Steps to Manifesting Your Abundance in an Hour or Less

It is the beginning of 2020 and I was observing what was happening around me with a historical attachment as if I were immune and not culpable for what people were focusing on. 

Little by little, country by country, industries have been changed in a blink.

#Hospitality, travel, #entertainment, sports, education and #health practices, are directly affected. Many more are indirectly affected. When the sky appears to be falling, it can be challenging to consider #manifesting your #abundance ever, let alone now in an hour or less.

The human brain has a negative bias that enables you to stay ‘safe’ and this event was on another level. 

Are you the lion or gazelle?
Are you the lion or gazelle? Does #life happen to you or do you #cause Life?

Conspiracy theorists and the doom-and-gloom types went into overdrive fanning the flames of fear that the world would end by Easter and there would be no more internet and so forth.

The earth is still spinning and you are still here. 

Whatcha’ gonna’ do now?

Maybe you think you will stand on the sidelines laughing at Noah whilst he and his crazy family build the ark. Perhaps you will stick your head in the sand and hope no one comes up from behind and violates your anus. While these are possible ways of negotiating the transformation we are all experiencing, it is an ineffective direction to take. This is because life is not happening to you; it is being created by you

Are you closed for business?
If you think you are or are not, you are correct.

As a coach, masseur, personal trainer and hypnotherapist, most of my client interactions were face-to-face. 

Similar to many of my colleagues, I know how to create online sales funnels, irresistible offers and a whole world of automated experience for my clients but just had not “got around to it” and here we are.

Facing the inevitable extinction of the past, I looked at what is still constant. 

  • We are all going to die, some sooner than later. 
  • As long as we are on the planet, there will be taxes.
  • Toilet paper is now very fashionable. 
  • Commodities will remain until they don’t

No matter what technologies are available, we all still crave #Love, connection, significance and the #desire to make a difference. 

For me, living homeless in an unregistered car, with a stank 70kg dog was doable and less than ideal. Gyms are all closed so how would I shower or eat properly? How would I care for my children?

Sometimes, it is necessary to not go to a restaurant that has mediocrity on the menu. It tastes really bad, doesn’t go down well and always messes you up going out. 

The real question is not, Whatcha’ gonna do now. That question is for amateurs. A place to look had to be greater and a transformation from the perceived problem, 

  • Who are you being
  • What is your #commitment to your life and community
  • What possibilities are you making available with every breath you take?

The reason why these can be a better place to explore is you are only ever creating reality from what you decide to focus on. When you are focusing on your fear, that is always what becomes made known (manifested). 

Some people have a 10yr plan. Others have a 5yr or 3yr plan. Coaches hold their clients accountable for 12 month or 90-day plans. None of those were options for me. I needed a NOW-plan. 

This is what I did to turn everything around for myself, my family and those in my sphere of influence:

5-Steps to Manifestating Your Abundance in an Hour or Less

Angel Warrior - StoneGye.com


I immediately took my head out of the sand, stopped feeling as if I am a victim and took responsibility for everything that was and was not. I figured that from that space, there were more options available than attempting to externalise the situation I had created. Sure, I did not directly create the global situation and I was complicit in how it grew. Taking no action is still an #action.


From possibility, wonder, curiosity and bliss, I explored the width, breadth, and depth of my true #wealth and #abundance. I become so full of #appreciation and #gratitude and #joy, I sobbed for hours. That ended up being slightly annoying because I went through a whole box of tissue with all the snot and the stores were either out of or seriously rationing tissue. I digress. Since I, you, we are #divinity, that which I focus on was and is our reality so I asked, with joyful expectation, What is the now of my possibility?

Death of Demons

Looking at all the stories that lead to that moment of despair, it was obvious they had reached their end of life. They were each offered a generous severance package and sent away in love to the retirement home they had always talked about. There are facts and then there are the stories you tell about those facts. Sometimes you compress what happened with facts and it can be the disaster you refer to as a life happening to you rather than what you are creating. This is an important distinction that will be illuminated more later.

Possibility + Faith

All #transformation and abundance is #energy and starts from inside #you.

After you have identified your desire, go into #grateful acceptance of your possibility with activities congruent to your focus. Having and growing Faith does not require physical evidence. It requires #empathy, #compassion and gratitude in #Love

Storytime + Celebration

You learn about yourself because of your #relationships. 

Stories are impregnated with #emotions and can impact communities. As part of my personal practice, I started #sharing stories in a hero’s journey format whilst celebrating myself and everyone around me. This is in part because it expands Love.

Love has a frequency and continually radiates out as a wave creating abundance. With every breath, I started to diligently observe the evidence of Love #manifesting in my life.

These steps are not tactical. They are divine. I allowed God to complete the specifics of how and when. Since we are all made of abundance and Love, as soon as I allowed God to be God in my life, everything unfolded. I embrace using the phrase (name) God because it is what resonates with me. You choose to become activated by my preference of a one-syllable sound, please use any equivalent that makes you feel better.

If you are in a position the way I was, too proud to admit you need support or not knowing which direction to go in, you are not alone. Hiding is the device of fear that will bring about your death without your awareness. This is very human behaviour and it is not your inheritance. 

You may have heard of the Law of Gestation which states there is an incubation period for everything that must take form. You are fashioned of abundance and Love. When you open the refrigerator to get a drink there isn’t a waiting period because it is already there. This is what you are able to for your life right now.

I am happy to hop on a webinar call with you to share more specifics about what I have done that may be of service to you. Even if you do not take the same path I did, it will give you ideas about what is possible for you and remind you that you have always had the answers inside you. My role is merely to stimulate your memory of the brilliant light that is already inside you ready to nourish you and your community.

In the webinar, you are going to get 

  1. Specific tactical actions you can take now to transform your situation from a foundation of gratitude;
  2. Reminders of how important you really are and how this moment is the one that matters the most;
  3. Template to design your own personal practice that keeps you connected and guided by your divinity;
  4. Affirmation checklist you can use to reprogram any unresourceful stories lurking in your subconscious unaware;
  5. Connect with a community of champions to hold you accountable to your greatness:

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Whatcha' Gonna' Do Now?! 5-Steps to Manifesting Your Abundance in an Hour or Less - StoneGye.com

Whatcha’ Gonna’ Do Now?!

5-Steps to Manifesting Your Abundance in an Hour or Less It is the beginning of 2020 and I was observing what was happening around me with a historical attachment as if I were immune and not culpable for what people were focusing on.  Little by little, country by country, industries have been changed in a

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