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Using What You Have To Be The Best In Your LaneWOW! Supercharge?! That is an awesome word. It can be added to many things and be the bee’s knees. #Supercharged cars, computers, aircraft, human beings and on and on. Before we get into how to Supercharge your agency, let’s break the word down so we can play from the same sheet of music.: to charge greatly or excessively (as with vigor or tension): to supply a charge to the intake of (an engine) at a pressure higher than that of the surrounding atmosphere: to pressurise: to make something more #powerful and or impressiveWithout being presumptuous, you could get the following from reading this:
  1. A place to stand;
  2. Make a #powerful choice about how you can evolve you and your agency;
  3. How to start if you are keen;
Or you could potentially get bored and fall asleep, either way, do you.

(Supercharge) ‘Because You’re Worth It’

Ilon Specht wrote this for L’Oréal Paris in 1976 and can be leveraged in so many areas of our life. It has also become a parody and meme of sorts because of ubiquitous use. If by chance, you were to accept your divine nature, which is you have the same power in your veins as what created the sun, you may come to a few conclusions. Namely, everyone and everything is you. You would be able to have more compassion and empathy for ‘others’ as well as cherishing your magic.What are we talking about? If you are not in a place where you are celebrating yourself on a regular basis, it is going to be challenging to #Supercharge your agency because, marketing, tools and widgets are not what make a difference. You are the secret sauce and the automated systems you develop to leverage your juice are what make your service and experience WOW.Let’s make an agreement that you are going to write down a minimum of 10 reasons why NOW is the best time for you to grow as a person and by extension your agency gets the upgrade too. If you are super committed, send your 10 reasons to me through Linkedin. I am happy to workshop some ideas with you. Business is not a thing. Business is how you cultivate value and relationships with those you serve, including your suppliers. Would stay in a relationship where the other person started to resent you more and more each day or if you were both pursuing ways to love each other more and more. It is similar in business and Yes, you are worth it. Standing here is the first part of making a difference before you go off to formulate strategy.


Courage can be a fickle experience for people. Sometimes you can be courageous in some areas and not so much in others. What is that about?One of the essential ingredients of #courage is integrity. When you play the game of integrity, you start to experience all the areas of your life where you are out of integrity. This is both an exhausting and liberating sensation. Courage and #Integrity dance at the same party as Choices and Decision to be more than your thoughts and #feelings. Have you ever taken on a client who you knew was going to be bad for you but you did it anyway because it was a short-term compliment to your revenue? While you have the courage to examine how you would like to evolve you and your services for your clients, will you? Supercharging who you #decide to be has a cost that you are more than able to wear the rewards of. Once you make the choice, you only need to go forward. Expect to fail frequently and #rejoice in what you learn.

How To Supercharge?

While unintentional, I find myself laughing every time I have a quandary and ‘How’ comes to mind.  As if I do not know the answer. We all know and have the #answers to everything. It starts with who you decide to be and that creates the reality of agreement around you. It could be in the form of a person or group that inspires transformation.Here is a different question.Since I am #Love, what is the congruent behaviour in this / for this situation?What is your ‘Why’ for Supercharging your life and experience for your clients? Don’t be shy. Without a why, it is similar to bake a cake without the ingredients. Why is before How. As you speculate on your Why, remember, You’re worth it. Your clients are worth it. Your family is worth it. Your community is worth it. Becoming deeply intimate and one with your Why creates and infinity of How. You become drunk with possibility.#stonegye
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