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Stone Gye Reading List - 7-Simple Daily Habits that Produce Significant Results in Life and Business
Feed Your Soul
Because friends and clients are always asking,
How did you learn that? or How did you come to that philosophy?
I am sharing some of the books which have influenced me.Reading is foreplay to an orgasm.Reading is the cultivation of fertile ground in preparation for a crop of heavy and bountiful fruit.Without reading, your mind becomes as the body of a morbidly obese person that does not have the faculties to move their form effectively.In addition to books, I have had experiences at Gwinganna Health Retreat on the Gold Coast Australia, participated in The Curriculum for Living through Landmark Worldwide, participated in formal coaching education, Cognitive Behaviour Training and become a Hypnotherapist and Lomi Lomi practitioner. Learning does not stop. Part of living and Love is expanded growth. I also wholeheartedly recommend the Fundamentals of Transaction through Influence Ecology for ambitious business owners and executive decision makers. If you have a coaching practice or coaching functions within your business, the I-CQ program through WBECS is an absolute gold mine.As a disclaimer, your experience with these books will not be the same as mine. Enjoy the ride and be curious about how you can apply what you learn and share with others.The following list is not complete and I expect to share more as I make time to document all the books I have consumed from my expansive library. I welcome your feedback on any of these books, other books you would like to see on the list and suggestions for those which have made a difference to you. Reading and learning is a small part of your life experience. What is exhilarating is how you apply and share what you absorb.Before sharing the ‘list’ here are a few habits you may want to take on as part of a daily way of being that can support you in having any experience you choose in life.Those who experience and manifest their desires in a tangible reality always leverage these seven simple daily #habits:

Significant Seven

  1. Manifestors READ incessantly on the subjects and issues relevant to their interests. (List the 5 books you can read over the next 4 weeks.)
  2. Manifestors ASSOCIATE with others who are up to big things and take a stand. They especially congregate with those who have produced results in the areas they have interest. Manifestors associate with those who are supportive. They do not allow toxic behaviours of others to take up their time. (List the top 5 people you will now spend most of your time with.)
  3. High Performing Manifestors take time going to SEMINARS and other training events that increase their interests and furthers their knowledge in areas that make the most profound difference to their commitments. Birds of a feather flock together. (List the next 5 training events you will attend in the next 12 months.)
  4. Appreciative, Joyful Manifestors have an Accountability Champion and or COACH who they interact with regularly. An effective advocate and or coach doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. They share what you need and allow you to create your bliss. (Identify 5 people whom you perceive could be an effective advocate and or coach for you.)
  5. Those who are rich in spirit continually FEED their SOUL by listening to and watching messages (CDs and DVDs) that enable them to focus on their purpose. As an example, rather than watching network television all night, you may choose to watch a motivational DVD of one of your favourite speakers and or listen to an inspirational CD in the car. (List 5 resources you will absorb over the next 3 weeks. You are welcome to select from the list below)
  6. To manifest the greatness you think and feel about, you also may wish to have WRITTEN GOALS that you refer to frequently during the day and use as a road map for your daily living. Written goals put the #WOW and amazing into an explosive life of bliss. It is advisable you never go anywhere without a roadmap. (Complete your written goals.)
  7. To develop Mastery, MODEL others who are enjoying the fruits you would like to partake of. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Someone has already done it, so you can cut down your learning time and exercise the #wisdom of those who have gone before you. (List 5 people whom you will model and how.)

Reading List

I trust the previous habits serve you well. Contact me for support with any of them. Here is your list of a few of the resources I have enjoyed:I usually purchase the book, read it and then download the audiobook and listen to it.That way it is embedded.When I read it a second time, I then share and teach what I have learned with others. Find your joy in expanding your mind and reading. There is a whole universe awaiting your exploration.Share in the comment section below about books that have made a difference to you and why.
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