How To Use Courage to Sexify Your Digital Agency

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Digital Agency growth is up globally by an average of 7%. This equates to more than $28 million per annum. Do you have the courage to do what is necessary to be more than forecasted growth? Depending on your focus, it is even more. Do you ever wonder where your next customer is going to come from? Do you falsely believe that just because you have always grown because of referrals that is how you will continue to grow? What if you had the courage to speculate on growing 25 – 50% monthly, what would happen to your agency? What if you could do it without hiring more staff or having to increase your personal skill set? Let’s have a conversation about the specific 3-steps necessary for your agency to grow by 10 – 15% every month.If history has taught us anything is that everything changes. Digital Agencies are enjoying growth because they are a greater value proposition than the old ad agencies that owned the space. Because of human appetite for choice, they no longer are constrained to getting their content from radio, newspapers and television – enter digital agencies. While Facebook denies it, they are also a media company. Over the past 7 years, they have enjoyed a steady growth of consumers getting more of their news and keeping up with what is happening in the world through their channel.Before looking at agency growth, there is something before that. It is You. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that your agency can not grow beyond how you are willing to grow as a human being. This requires courage. The dictionary defines courage as:
courage ˈkʌrɪdʒ/ noun the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. “she called on all her courage to face the ordeal”  – strength in the face of pain or grief.
And it is even more than that. Courage is having the fortitude to always operate from your convictions, integrity and values. It also means that you make the effort to know what those are. So many live life vicariously as if ignorance will shield them from what is to come. This will not be your fate. Regardless of your focus, know that you are ALWAYS creating everything you have and do not have. It takes courage to own and be responsible for your destiny.

3-Courageous Steps to 10-15% Monthly Growth

1. Know Who You Are

This may seem rudimentary and it is essential. It is important to expand what this is because I promise you are more than what you are able to perceive with your senses. You have heard that it is essential to write down your goals and follow them every day. Without a regular program to improve yourself, which is to provide you with expanded awareness, more creativity, passion and purpose, it will become very difficult to grow your digital agency. As a start, select a life or business coach who can be a champion for your cause. A life and business coach does not have to have done what you are attempting. Their role is not to give your answers.You already have all the answers inside you. A great life and business coach empowers you to think and feel differently by asking you questions that will challenge what it is to be you. That journey will #facilitate you opening what has been hidden inside you. You will want to glean from your coach a reading list where you are absorbing new content and ideas on a daily basis as well as looking at who you can surround yourself with that has already created what you are intending. Finally, it is imperative that you niche. Your coach will support you to remember what your first #love is and focus on that. What you are passionate about and purposeful about takes little energy. Work is always work and if you are lack integrity for why you are in your industry, you will absolutely fail. In addition to a live and business coach, you would do well to have a personal development plan in the same way you have a business plan. Landmark Worldwide is an excellent place to start with the Landmark Forum. If you contact me directly, I am happy to share about the amazing experience I have had being a part of the education and worldwide community.To niche is similar to investing in your marriage. You already #love your partner and you want them to be nurtured. The more you spend time with them understanding their ways of being, the more you can add value to their life. That is the relationship you want to have with your customers. Don’t just say you are going to serve all corporations because you think they are the ones who have money to pay your fees. If you are passionate about dance, look at how you can serve industries that support dance and come up with creative solutions that support dance companies to #flourish.

2. Have a Sales System

It is more than nurturing sequences. A business system is a path your business takes to grow. A sales system are the specific actions you take on a daily basis to execute on your business to grow. Your sales system needs to be automated and it needs to be specific to the needs of your niche. Lions never go hunting where there is no food. Instead, they go to the watering hole where there is plenty of food. This analogy is not to suggest your customers are prey. It is merely to illustrate if your current ‘system’ is not causing 10 – 15% growth every month, it is worthwhile looking at it in a different way. Again, this requires the courage to admit that maybe you do not know everything and there could be a more effective way of being that will increase your performance. Your business coach will be able to support you in developing your daily sales process. It is going to be more specific than just installing a CRM that can do all of your inbound marketing.You will want to look at Customer Journey Optimisation. This means having an omnichannel approach for automated inbound and outbound marketing, branding services, social media, SMS, email, voicemail and direct marketing. While this sounds intense, think about all the things that go into having a relationship. You do not think about it. You just do it because of the #love you have for your partner. This is why it is so important to have integrity about you Why and purpose. Without it, this all sounds too hard and you will give up. The sales process and automation you select has to be appropriate for your situation and how you want to give WOW to your customers. There is no ‘one-thing’ that does it all.
Your sales system will always be taking action on revenue-generating activities. You will want to do the same. Do not wait until you ‘know enough' or think your offer is perfect enough. Your customers what the experience and result, not insecurities from you thinking you have to get it perfect.#stonegye
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Before selecting your automation system, keep in mind that you know your business is thriving if you can walk away and it continues to grow without your engagement. Additionally, remember most things have a beginning and an end. You are a different human being from when you were a 7-year old. If you are in a #relationship, it is different today than when you first met. It is the same with your business. It will #evolve as you do and at some point, you may want to do something else. Investors rarely purchase a business because of the people. They purchase the reliability of a ‘system’ to deliver results they can count on. When you do the work to ensure your automation and systems are in place, you will have options.You do not have to be responsible for everything. Your team can be the aggregation of white label digital services or outsourced digital services. You would be amazed how scalable and high the quality of service is when you exercise your due diligence and stop allowing yourself to be the critical point of failure for your digital marketing agency. You know brand by the fruits you bear.

3. Measure

The third step in reliably growing your digital agency also takes courage. You will hear a lot of people saying what can’t be measured can not grow. Do not get hung up on this. Just start measuring what you can. As an example, using SproutSocial, you are able to measure how many times someone has viewed, shared and commented on one of your posts. While many social media channels already have this as a feature, SproutSocial allows you to see all the channels you are managing in an easy to dashboard and you are able to create periodic reporting to understand what is working and how to improve performance. It is OK for you to be logical about his. Measure what is important to you. If you are focusing on growth, it means you are going to be focusing on giving value that your customers really want. While you are measuring the factors that will automate your growth, you also want to continue to have different experiences. It may seem weird to go to the gym at 2 pm when you think you should be in your office working but do not underestimate the explosive value increasing your serotonin can have when you switch off. You get the results for your business according to who you are BEING.There is a natural tendency for humans to see something and then attempt to categorise it with what has happened in the past and or what they think they already know. Do not do that with your digital agency growth. It takes #courage to accept you do not know how to do it or which are the next steps. Become curious all the time with childlike wonder and speculate on the question, “Is that true?” As an absolute, you may find the answer to be different from your frame of mind.

What is Sexy?

Your customers do not care about your lead funnels. If you had to guess, how would you describe your agency as sexy? How would it perform? What would be the results generated by your customers because of your support? What community projects would you be involved with? How would people relate to you and what would you be known for? Being sexy is an idea. It is almost subjective. There are a few common elements.
  1. Confidence – Does your customer have 100% confidence in your ability to support them because of your certainty and experience in being curious with every engagement;
  2. Value – Are you insatiable when it comes to seeking out delivering what your customer both needs and wants? Do they get more value for money and do you have a relationship with them such that they know they can count on you to do the right thing by them always?
  3. Consistency – More than your customers, can you depend on you to operate from integrity the way you can count on the sun rising and setting every day? Your word is creative and do you honour your word?
These three attributes are the foundation for what is sexy in life. Obviously there are additional flavours and those flavours each play upon this foundation.


Growth is always present where there is #love and light. Even if you do not see a reason for it, look at how you can always be in the space of #appreciation and gratitude. Struggle and courage are natural ingredients of growth. Who you decide you are being precedes your thoughts. Your predominant thoughts and feelings direct what manifests in reality. There is no judgement about who, what, when, where, why or how… just be true to yourself. As you start to expand who self is, you may discover that self is all of life.
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