How to Niche-Niche Your Digital Marketing Agency and Why

Create a Flooding of the Right Prospects all the Time

Entering puberty is a challenging time for boys. They have dreams of grandeur and feel invincible. It is only the passage of time offering experience and wisdom that allows them to see the folly of their ways. During that time, contemplating how they can date the entire cheerleading squad at the same time seems herculean, yet plausible. Your agency may think your customers are ‘everyone who has a website’ and you would be wrong. It is time to niche so that you can have the right prospects, who turn into customers and then raving fans.

Loving Relationships

The aforementioned scenario seems outside the realm of logic and crazy, yet that is how some business owners approach the services they provide. When asked, what is their superpower and who do they serve, the answer is usually along the lines of ‘everybody who has a website or business.’ It doesn’t work in your personal life and it won’t work in business. Business is relationships. In the most resourceful relationships, there is a lot of listening, understanding and cultivating. The desire to bring harmony and happiness to those fortunate to have affection is very strong and sometimes all-consuming. How much do you know about your customer? What problems do you serve really really well? Where do your customers hang out? What do they think about most of the time? What stage or cycle of life are they in and what are the predominant questions that consume their life? What makes them giggle with glee and want to tell all their friends about an amazing experience they have had?

When something amazing happens in one’s life, such as winning a million-dollar lottery, expecting a new baby, becoming engaged, landing a new job or promotion (all niche activities)… these things are really hard not to share and are cause for CELEBRATION. Do you deliver that kind of WOW to your customers’ lives? Are you concerned with their well being enough that you take notice of what really makes a difference to them? If you are not, consider doing something else because all research indicates consumers are no longer interested in dealing with products and service providers that do not understand them. We are no longer in a transactional age. We are in a relational age where how you make someone feel matters. Again, business is not business. It is relationships!

How to Niche

In Polynesian languages, when a word is said twice, it is really important. For example, Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage modality that literally means loving hands and it is so much more than that. It is a conduit by which both the practitioner and the recipient are able to enter a trance which opens the doorway to all creativity, your source. The more sessions one receives, the more content and peaceful one’s life can become.

I digress. To Niche-Niche, you only have to remember where your passions lie in conjunction with the primary relationship in your life. What do they #love? How do you make them smile? Rather than serve everyone, focus on those who are within your realm of extreme interest. Are you a musician or other kind of creative? Create packages for that market that enables them to share their superpower with the world. This doesn’t mean you are going to miss anything because there is more than enough to go around. It just means you are always going to be true to yourself.  This is applicable to larger agencies as well as those just starting out. Your prospects are hungry to love you. Show them why they are safe to do so.

What is Your Why

Did you enter the planet to just get by? Where is your sweet spot (niche)? What causes you to sing? What makes you feel warm all over? Why do you do what you do? When your life is purposeful, everything matters and is sweet. You go from existing to living an expansive life full of wonder. This is the kind of person most people want to engage with. Being true to yourself is one of the best ways to attract those who resonate with the same frequency. Larger agencies may think this is impractical because there are so many people to work with. How do you cause everyone to lead a purposeful life? You don’t. Start by living one yourself and then be a cause in the matter of attracting the same. Not only is this good for your soul, it is magic for your ROI + profitability.


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