How to Increase CJO with Appreciation Love and WOW

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Before the How is… What is Customer Journey Optimisation (CJO)? It is not new. It is merely a way to describe how you give your customers #Love. Since the dawn of selling, those who were focused on providing a WOW experienced for their customers have always excelled. When your life operates from a foundation of appreciation, you experience exponentially more opportunities.
What if your existing clients increased their spending with you by four or five fold? What would that do to your digital marketing agency right now? How would that impact your digital marketing agency over twelve months?Stone Gye
Rather than share with you all the necessary moving parts, I will share with you a place to stand that calls all things into being, i.e., a thriving digital marketing agency.By taking this approach, you no longer have to be concerned about all the moving parts. It is a similar situation to the Matrix when Neo could see the agents for what they were. He no longer had to fear or run from them because he knew who he was and how he was ultimately responsible for all things that could be perceived. If you haven’t seen the Matrix Trilogy yet or haven’t seen it in a while, it is worthwhile watching because of the message – anyway, I digress. Let’s look at how to focus on Being to manifest everything you want for your agency instead of doing.

What is CJO

CJO is the agreement that you will be responsible for your clients’ customers having a better than Great experience with their brand and how they engage their community. And it goes even deeper than that. It can be similar to expecting a baby. Before your newborn arrives, you get the room ready, the nappies, wipes, changing table, colourful toys, reading material for you to understand what to expect, you source a pediatrician, have plenty of blankets, the crib, and child-proofing your home. Everything is accounted for and you tend to get a lot of unsolicited advice. Even then, it isn’t enough and you learn how to give your baby much more #love as you grow together.Taking this analogy and applying it to your customers would mean you are 100% clear on who you are providing a solution for (the baby). You would know their exact preferences (does your baby prefer to be sung to or massaged or both). You know their schedule and why they have particular behaviours. In being curious about these things, you are able to invite them into conversations at the right time in a way that connects with them. If you know your customers get most of their content through Instagram and for the most part ignore email, you will want to create Look-a-Like campaigns that serve content in succinct, digestible bite-sizes with an option for the main course (Video or link to an expanded article).Nothing is taken for granted and everything is considered because, in similar analogy of your baby, this is a long-term relationship you are committed to nurturing for their experience of bliss in life.

Use the Force (Appreciation)

You do not always have to be directly ‘selling.’ You can create your offer and focus more of your time on creating value and contributing to your community. While there is nothing wrong with the hard sell, consumers are wary of this. Hard selling is such a 1980’s car salesperson behaviour. Going back to your newborn, you are constantly supporting them and looking for ways to communicate they are loved with an abundance of hugs and cuddles. What kind of person does this for their customers? What is the equivalent you can be for your clients? What kind of system can you put in place that provides them with the appropriate customisation so they know they are cherished? It is not enough to produce results with SEO. Nor is having a brilliantly crafted PPC or Linkedin Lead Generation campaign. What is the journey they are being taken on?In Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, he cited research demonstrating physicians who were affable and gregarious with their patients were more successful than those with limited or no bedside manner. The research further demonstrated doctors who had genuine compassion for their patients and successfully communicated their care were much less likely to be sued for malpractice even if they were less skilled than their counterparts who may have more training and expertise. The relevance to your business is the relationship you cultivate with your customers and how you make them feel is far, far more important than you think the widgets are you have to offer.
What journey of Abundance and Appreciation are you taking your customers on today?
When you appreciate you and extend who you are to your customers and everyone in your sphere of influence, you start to experience a oneness with all things that can enable you to be a manifestation of Love in your thoughts, feelings and obviously, in who you are Being. The energetic impact to your environment cannot yet be measured by science because of the multiple variables. #Quantum has identified it but not able to fully understand the mechanics. Using the ‘force’ is as simple as starting with a 5-minute ritual every morning where you purposefully, with strong emotion, count all you are appreciative for in the #present. This appreciation is also infused with faith such that even if you are not able to ‘see’ a blessing for your agency or your client yet, you know and can feel it is germinating underground.


This is both critical and essential. Imagine you have created an opportunity to purchase a rare Bugatti. Do you tell everyone you have it and drive it around town proudly or does it remain in your garage as a museum artifact? It is reasonable to suggest you would be experiencing WOW! As sit in the seat and put your hands around the wheel taking in the artistry and perfect craftsmanship, you can not help but to smile from ear to ear. KAPOW! The engine comes on, it is not tame or demure. It emits a deep beastly roar that will never be tamed. BAM! Even if someone were blind, they would watch as you drove by because of its authority and unique dynasty.Does that describe the relationship you have with your partner? Are they proud to be with you? Does your customer LOVE the WOW you bring to their life, even when it is a carefully and lovingly crafted email? It is not challenging to provide WOW. The challenge is when you are not being true to self. If this sounds too difficult and you are certain you are not willing to do it, why not consider doing something else? You and your customers deserve to be in a relationship where there is mad-passionate excitement about life and the possibility of making a difference to the communities we serve.


Yes, we can support you with White Label Digital Services, Automation, strategists and any other widgets necessary to greatly enhance your Are you feeling how important you are? Is it registering what a foundation of appreciation and love can do for you? Do you get the impact you can make on a global scale just by ‘giving a damn’? What you think and feel and how you behave matters. It doesn’t just impact you or the people around you. It impacts everyone that they know. You are responsible for everything. When you get you have that power, everything is easy and peaceful. CJO doesn’t start with your customer. It starts with you. As you develop yourself into someone who is fanatical about making a difference for your customer and their world, opportunities begin to manifest that were not previously available. When you are ready now, contact me for a chat about how an appropriately planned and implemented CJO strategy can transform everything. Your customers will deeply appreciate you for it.
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