How To Deliver CJO For You And Your Customers

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Customer Journey Optimisation (CJO) is a way of describing the complete experience a customer has in relation to a brand meeting their needs. It includes all social channels, email, SMS and MMS campaigns as well as traditional marketing. CJO is being responsible for every aspect of how your customers can take advantage of the unique solution you have for their needs and wants.


Without WHY, you are just like every other business online asking customers to ‘get married’ without offering #foreplay, #romance or #courtship first. The first place most people go when introduced to their why is the surface because it is easy and safe. Who wants to make the time to confront how inauthentic we can be creating meaning from the ego. Your Why for understanding your customer journey is not to have more sales and keep them for longer as a client. However, that is one of the outcomes. Your why is deeper than what you are intending to do with the additional sales. Here are some questions you can ask to speculate on your Why.
  1. What will You do with a deeper relationship with your customers?
  2. Why is that important to you?
  3. What will happen when you have that as an experience?
  4. Who are you being when you have deep rapport with your customers?
  5. How do you define deep rapport with your customers and why is it important to you?
The more clear you are on your unanswerable question as connected to your Why, the more likely you are to be able to develop the perfect marriage with your clients that evolves over time.When you select a marketing strategist or firm, to support you in your CJO, make sure they have done their own work as human beings. Having completed the Curriculum for Living, starting with the Landmark Forum will give you the confidence that they have access to the distinctions necessary to support you. Another experience you may want to consider is any of the week-long programs at Gwinganna Health Retreat. If you are not connected to self, it becomes almost impossible to support others or be in business.

Starting Blocks

Keep in mind this is not a linear path. In the same way aircraft never fly in a straight line, #remember this is a series of autocorrections whilst you deliver on your objectives. That being said, let’s start with the end in mind. The ‘end’ can include sales targets and it needs to be richer than that. You want to consider the feelings and impact you would like to create for your customer. This is all about them – not you. You are welcome to take your existing journey or create a new one.
  1. Identify and Engage All Stakeholders Anyone who is delivering service or part of the customer experience needs to be part of crafting the journey. If you have multiple people delivering on an overall experience, your customer is not making that distinction. They only see you as one #brand. By having everyone’s input, there is a greater chance that your niche customers will be cared for and loved.
  2. Woo Your PartnerWithout being so concerned with processes, list your customer Avatars and #Personas. Each one is going to require a different journey and the variants of behaviour types will respond differently to content. As an example, if you are using DISC as a profiling model, you may want to reframe your content in four different ways to account for the different listenings within the same niche.
  3. Map Connections While you are gathering your data to understand the story of what your customers have been thinking when they interact with you (CRO), leverage this to map each connection with the variant behaviour types of your customers. Said another way, take some time to learn what is your partner’s favourite food if you are intending to take them to dinner. Maybe your partner is similar to the character Sheldon on Big Bang Theory and needs to be taken on a specific route at a determined rate before they are comfortable taking the next step. To find out, just ask them. They are more than willing to #share what would make a difference to them.
  4. Internal Processes While you are mapping, be aware of the internal processes, including timings, and any single points of failure or opportunities for misunderstandings or communication breakdowns. This is important because the next step is to feel what your customer is feeling during each part of the journey. Remember, this is not about you.
  5. See the Whole Story While it is responsible to look at individual datasets, this will not give you an accurate snapshot of the health of your CJO. It is important to look at all aggregated data in context.  Once you have all of this content, the way forward to optimise is as simple as measuring the metrics that let you know you are winning. You may want to measure every bifurcation point and progression in your sales funnel. That is going to be different for every organisation, including how you do this for your customers. As you are continually curious about how to make a difference for your clients, not only will it reflect favorably in your SEO performance, it will also be demonstrated on your bottom line.

Always Caring for Your First Love

As you become more and more curious about customer journey optimisation, you will start to experience many similarities in your personal relationships. How many times do you share with your partner that you appreciate them? How many different ways do you communicate it? Do you anchor what you have to offer with what is important to them. Do they know that you are #available to them (front of mind)? When they need you is it easy to engage you? Does who you are being introduce a significant amount of value to their life? As you have surmised, working with your clients is not simply a matter or finding people who want to buy your ‘stuff.’ It always has been and forever will be about cultivating relationships.  Widgets out of context do not work. Your PPC, SEO, and other digital marketing muscles and strategy are of no value without the context of how they work together to deepen a relationship.


The lie we are born into is that we are separate and insignificant when we are truly one loving energy. As long as we are human, we have the capacity to forget we are already loved, cherished, accepted, nurtured and desired. Your CJO is meant to remind your customers of who they really are and give them value beyond what we can perceive. #Focus on always being curious about what would make the most profound difference to them and then implement it. Cultivate lasting relationships that matter. If you do not, someone else will. What else is your purpose? When you are ready to design your CJO for your organisation, contact me.
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