Hack Top 5 Diseases With This Powerful Solution

Hack Top 5 Diseases With This Powerful Solution - StoneGye.com

The solution for optimal #wellness for most ailments has been known and applied since antiquities. Sometimes, it takes hearing the same message several times or a grave situation arising before you will take action. Consider this oration a reminder of what you already know and encouragement to be in action congruent with your divinity and greatness. If you are currently managing a challenge or know someone who is, the answers in this article are hardcoded directly from your DNA.

All dysfunction and disease have their root in a lack of alignment of the energy centres in the body. When the seven #chakras are aligned, your whole body is in perfect health. 

Top-5 Diseases

The top 5 diseases globally are #heartdisease, #asthma, #depression, #cancer, and #gastrointestinal problems. Each of these can contribute to #obesity, #headaches, #anxiety, #alzheimersdisease, #acceleratedaging, #prematuredeath, #insomnia, #eatingdisorders, #colds, #viruses, #cirulationproblems, #systemicinfections, #diabetes, #backpain, #neckpain, #shoulderpain and more.

The common denominator of all of these is an invisible, silent predator lurking inside you, hiding in the darkness. 

What is Stress

While #stress is subjective, there are stressors that are useful for increasing #performance and then there are on-going stressors that can erode you physically, psychologically and #spiritually. We will be discussing the latter. Stress can be a learned behaviour as well as preventable. It can also be deep-rooted and become an #addiction. You were born with a negative bias. This is to say, your brain is designed to scan for things that can compromise your #survival. Thankfully, in a similar way to how you have developed stress, you can also dissolve it for the replacement of #peace, #contentment, #freedom and #Love.

The stressful effects of the executive office are plainly visible on all Presidents.

Rather than review the timeline and impact of each of the ailments listed, let’s be reminded they all lead to inevitable death. Such is not your inheritance. Fear is not a necessary part of your life in that it is not an essential ingredient necessary for you to thrive. It is similar to sugar. Glucose powers certain aspects of your physiology, especially your brain, but having too much will cause the body to become toxic and allow diabetes to set in.

You are an expert in walking in your own shoes. To address the ailment, it can be useful to identify the persistent thought and emotions that caused the condition. This is only useful from the context of creating a new reality from appropriate healing thoughts and correlating feelings. If you seek out the support of a professional, they will be interested in the origin, not just the symptoms. To do this, they will need to understand your history. Regardless of the path you take, usually, the vehicle has little to do with your remedy. This can be understood due to the placebo effect. It suggests, your body will #heal itself when it strongly #believes a particular modality or medicine is effective.

Healing Options

Bowen therapy, #reflexology, naturopathy, kinesiology, #aromatherapy, osteopathy, reiki, #LomiLomi, chiropractic, TFT, EFT, #hypnotherapy and many other modalities can all be leveraged on your journey. While there are various practitioner competency levels, there is still your belief of what will be most effective for you. What if you were to have a hybrid of modalities at once? How much more effective could that be? Many patients have been dealing with dysfunction and pain for so long, they look for reasons to hold on the ailment because it becomes embedded in their #identity. How would you know if this is #true for you? If it were, what is your guess on steps you could take to resolve it?

As soon as you identify the #patterns you are habitually running to build unresourceful stress, you are well on your way to addressing it. One of the symptoms of fear is to worry. The more you worry, the more you create the scenario you are saying you do not want. You have heard the saying, 

If you want a different result, you must behave differently.”

Alternative Medicine, Time Magazine - StoneGye.com

Let’s be more specific. You can not get to where you want to be when you are stressed. You can not create more money, transform your health and or improve your relationship when you are stressed. It would be similar to you driving east from Sydney if you were attempting to get to Perth. You would end up in the ocean. You can not get to Perth from Sydney by driving east. You can not get the outcome you desire through stress. It is possible to temporarily put a bandaid on stress to get you to your next step. It takes the same effort to transform it forever. It is possible to become a completely different person; because that is what it is going to take.

Your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings are energy and they form your life experience and reality. 

5-Steps to Wellness

  1. Set a clear intention and write it down
    When you create your possibility of wellness, the thoughts are the direction or steering wheel and your matching feelings is the combustion caused by igniting the petrol. Without petrol, your vehicle will not be going anywhere. When you write your outcome down, keep it with you so you can refer to it several times a day.
  2. Identify your personal practice
    Your personal practice are things you may do or think which keep you aligned with Source. This is as simple as acknowledging when you feel ‘good.’ For example, you may feel more alive when you are in nature, in a rainforest or at the beach. Perhaps you feel alive when you are with your children or other people you are close to. You may experience alignment when you are creating art or music. Whatever it is, write down at least 3 examples in your life where you always feel connected. Make sure you put these practices in your calendar you that you do not skip them. 
  3. Share your intention
    It is critical that you share and create your possibility for others to hold you accountable and potentially participate in. As you are sharing your written outcomes with your accountability partner, the experience starts to take on a life of its own. In many cases, the creation can exceed what you dreamed possible. 
  4. Remain present
    You are divine and the universe. There is no one else who can make this happen for you. After you have had your meditation and devotion time making the request, behave as if you are already experiencing the blessing. The more you condition your mind to think and feel appropriate, the more you get to watch your fruit manifest on the tree of your desires. If you are thinking about your circumstances, your phone, your health, etc., your mind has become your body and you can not create from there. It is important and critical that you become what you really are, which is spirit.
  5. From gratitude have no attachment
    In the same way, you may have experienced or seen the Christmas holiday unfold, children have gleeful anticipation of the presents they will receive. It is not a question on if it will happen; they may only have a query about what presents they will get to open and play with. After your prayers, let it go knowing it is already en-route.

Your Advocate

Your champion is objective with a bias that you get what you want. They do not have an attachment to specifics other than you living your best life. When you get the support of a practitioner, they are going to maintain notes on every interaction so they can track your progress. As an example, a powerful option is when your champion has multiple competencies and can combine modalities such as Lomi Lomi, hypnotherapy, electro-frequency therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy and acupuncture. By leveraging all of these modalities into one session, it is more likely you can get a result. It is the difference between driving a second hand, older model car and driving a brand new Tesla with all the bells and whistles. In the example shared, you are put into a trance you are able to address your thinking, feeling and physiology concurrently. Your body is immediately put into a state of alignment

By having these sessions as a regular part of your personal practice, you remain aligned, healthier, more vibrant, and happy. Again, your body is not able to maintain disease or dysfunction when your chakras are aligned. Your immune response, libido, creativity, full-self expression, confidence and more all see massive increases in performance.


Remember you are not alone. Most people are afraid to ask for support, be vulnerable and to be present.  Taking these 5-steps several times a day is conditioning for your brain and soul in the same way you would do resistance training. If you are ready to express your boldness by booking your Lomi Lomi to transform your wellbeing, please complete your client assessment

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