Stone Gye is you and everyone around you. There is no distinction between where you end and he begins. All of the things you are proud of and happy about, find joy in and disgust about are all you and Stone Gye. Morphogenetic fields describe the resultant of focus. In quantum, reality extends beyond our available perceptions. What you focus on and allow in your world becomes your world, i.e., there is no merit in allowing a fear seedling to take root in your heart and mind.Weeds are always pulled out and burned or they choke the goodness out of a garden. The lie all of humanity lives is ‘us and them’ or ‘we and they.’ This is because all things are singular and part of the whole.The same energy causing a baby to grow and be born is the same energy governing the wind and the birth of stars. That energy is you. It has no beginning or end and is immune to the fable of time. You (humanity) were born not able to remember your divinity. Your ingredients are pure Love and Light. This is not esoteric; it’s science. If someone attacked your daughter or son or family member, wouldn’t you protect your loved ones? Wouldn’t you nurture them? We are all one. Your body seeks to thrive as best it can given available resources. You will always nurture yourself. Can you see that you are me and I you?If everyone were merely a reflection of you, could you love ‘them’ more and have more compassion? If you allowed yourself to feel the truth for you, it’s possible you could see me and your reflection at the same time. When you let your guard down, is there a familiarity, a knowing. Is there something you feel?Perhaps feelings are insufficient. Society shuns what can’t be justified with its flimsy and vaporous ethics and morals. What if there were no categories of friend, lover, mates, husband? What if we could just Be all things without time? ​#stonegye https://www.instagram.com/stonegye or https://fb.com/gyestone

…the simultaneous buying and selling of digital assets in different markets or in derivative forms to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.

the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. This can happen across multiple platforms and devices singularly and or simultaneously. The aim is to communicate, connect, and sometimes persuade to take an action.

Wholesale Digital Marketing is available when an organisation, due to their scale are able to provide digital services on behalf of a reseller for their customers. The resellers customers are not aware that their services are being provided by another organisation because the services are branded as the reseller. When coupled with digital arbitrage, wholesale digital marketing increases available margins, saves time, increase productivity and overall profitability of a reseller.

Online marketing is synonymous with digital marketing.

Effective life coaches create a safe environment where a client is able to go on a journey of self discovery to explore possible options to situation they may be dealing with and curious about which option would produce the most abundance. While there are various levels and filters a life coach may leverage, one of the most important criteria in selecting a life or business coach to support you with your journey is rapport. When there is deep rapport a client is able to be fully self expressed and results are exponentially more impactful.

Describes taking all business processes, actions and daily activities and automating them into a system online. The advantage to this is a greater level of quality service can be delivered and more volume. It also makes available the ability to work from anywhere on the planet. The system does not require human interaction to grow the business. Activities included are inbound and outbound marketing, lead generation and conversions.

A sales funnel is an ascension model that describes the depth and cycle of relationships a business cultivates with their customers. As the two grow together, a business is able to provide more specialised services to meet the core and evolving needs of their customers.

This is the activity of sourcing the most appropriate customers for the solution your organisation has to offer. While not all of them may be ready to purchase, by putting them into your sales funnel, they are able to be groomed to be ready in due course.

Profilers leverage heuristics to understand the best personality traits, values and unanswerable questions that perform the best in specific situations. For example, in DISC, it is a good idea to have the founder of a company be a high Influencer because they are typically charismatic and have big ideas. Once an organisation is stable, it is better to have someone who is a strong Directive to navigate the helm. This is because Influencers tend to thrive with diversity and stability can introduce sameness.

Hypnotherapy uses language to support patients in having the resources to take action and create a result in any area of life they are committed to. Hypnotherapy can not make someone do something they would not want to do. Performance hypnotherapy is supercharging language for a patient and embedding compounded commands to support them in unleashing their passion for the experience they say they want.

Confidence is having certainty in one’s ability. It usually comes about as a result of practice and repetition.

The action or power of influencing and moving the intellect or emotions to a higher level of achievement, such that the person feels highly  driven to move towards that achievement. Inspiration is an essential element of exponential growth in human potential.