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Greatness is in Everyone, including You.
When redesign launched on 01 AUG 2018, the heavens opened, a symphony and angels sang #beautiful melodies and gardens instantly burst with vibrancy and colour. Faith has manifested.Well, that is not exactly what happened. It is how I felt.The reason this is important to you is that if you have ever had a dream you felt was taking a little long to germinate, have #faith, it is coming. With the season it took for my journey to give birth, I re-learned a few lessons about manifestation I would like to remind you of so that you can have it all if you want it.


The dictionary describes it as
complete trust or confidence in someone or something.“this restores one’s faith in politicians”
In a letter from the bible, faith is described as
HEBREWS 11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
When I became aware of the fable of time as a child the imminent arrival of Christmas or my birthday was an anticipatory delight. I knew there were going to be presents and a departure from the routine. It was ever so stimulating. On reflection, I am not sure if the anticipation of the events were more fun than the actual event itself.The point is, I knew something grand was about to happen and was never surprised at the moment when it #manifested. Faith is similar to that. There is a way of being you have thought and felt about yourself that has produced the ‘You’ that you think you are. If you were to have Faith in how your digital agency was to grow, how would you write it down to describe it?Is it something you have gleeful expectation and appreciation about? What would happen if you increase the feelings of #appreciation and certainty – you can almost see it and hear it… How would someone on the outside looking at you describe your behaviour and conversation?  There is a knowing we have or a Being that accompanies faith. Faith can even be a choice.Are the choices you are making about your agency greater than you? Are you creating a solution and experience for your community that is about how there can be a collective evolution? Is your business merely a means of generating money? Your Why is the primary ingredient in what shows up as our life and by extension, your business.

Your Life Expression and Business

How many times have you heard the story about how young elephants are tied to a tiny stake. As they become adults they do not move even though they have the power to do so. They gave up because of their conditioning as a baby.If you were to stop and listen to this story as if for the first time and apply it to your life now, what could you notice? Are there areas you have become resigned about or comfortable? Maybe it is too hard or inconvenient to ponder these things now and you speculate you can think of them later, ‘when you have more time.’There isn’t your business self and your life outside of work; there is only you and there is only now.If you were to make an objective assessment (that means without making it mean anything or including judgement or morality), can you see the kind of story you have potentially been creating? Perhaps it is worth considering creating something new. Not because you have to; but because you can. Life is continually expanding and evolving. When you allow who you think you are to do the same, magical things manifest.

Greatness -

How to Have it All

Having it all is a lot easier than it sounds. Here are a few simple steps:
  1. You are – I am, You are everything that was, is and ever will be. How is this true? The same energy that created the sun also created you and you are because you are. (You already have everything)
  2. Faith – by acknowledging who you are with certainty, appreciation and #zeal, everything comes to pass as you decide to observe it. Have you ever noticed how contagious it is to yawn when someone else does it? You’re most likely starting to feel a yawn coming on now. Faith is similar. It is the gleeful expectancy of a thing that brings about a thing.
  3. Sharing – You make your reality come alive the more you share it as a possibility with others. This includes laughter, #joy, happiness, a meal, a home and love. You do not need to seek for something you already are and already have. To do so is out of integrity with your divinity.


We started out talking about the launch. It has been a work of faith that I would be able to create a tool that provides leverage to support digital agencies in their quest to deliver on the dreams that their customers have for their community and life. We were not born to be in business or run or go to school or be in politics. Those things just come as an experience along the journey. By taking your focus off a ‘thing’ you are able to see reality. Reality is that you are all things and the creator of all things. Accepting or understanding this from your conscious mind doesn’t add or take away from how truly awesome you really are.I invite you to experience yourself as more than your thoughts and what you can perceive. In so doing, you can start to have real conversations with your customers that foster deep rapport and enable you to really make a difference.
By skimming over the site, you may be tempted to categorise it merely as a digital coaching agency providing white label digital services and business automation.You would be wrong.Widgets are nothing. Relationships are what make a difference in every circumstance.
When you are ready to expand your capacity to serve and automate the things that can so you can stay in your lane rocking your secret sauce, book an appointment for a short chat so we can create more possibility together.
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