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How To Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans

Dictionary.com defines Disneyfy as:
to transform (historical places, local customs, etc) into trivial entertainment for tourists.
For the purpose of this article, we will take the marketing understanding, which is to amplify a customer’s experience of a product or service through a story.  Increasing the experience of a product or service also increases the value. Why, because we make decisions based on emotions, not logic. Logic only serves to validate the emotion. Let’s get your Disneyfy on!

The Journey

Your digital service needs to take your customers on a journey. Give them an experience. Rather than talking about more impressions and traffic to a site, share the magical places your client will be able to go as a result of more sales and or the exotic places their content will be showing. Take them on the adventure that SEO would make available to them. Afterall, your customers are not engaging you because of SEO. They want the result. The result is not money; it is what they will do with the options and how that makes them feel. If your clients do not experience a journey in relation to your services, from the perspective of their limbic brain, there isn’t a compelling reason for them to ‘go on a date’ with you. Enable them to ‘feel’ something. Remind them of their first #love – the reason they decided to get into business in the first place.

Excite, Thrill And Titillate

The experience of your services, still on the example of SEO, must excite, thrill and titillate your customers. Their emotions need to be stoked and enlivened. In other words, you want to disneyfy them. Here are some questions you can ask:
  1. Why did you get into business?
  2. What do you want to create with your business?
  3. Why is that important? Say more about that.
  4. Who else is impacted by your delivering on your passions?
  5. If your business was completely automated and grew without your interference, what would you do then?
  6. What aspect of your business gives you the most joy?
  7. What unexpected pleasures do you have as a result of your business?
Even the most conservative, seemingly emotionless humans do not make decisions based upon numbers. We make decisions based on emotion. This is because it is an essential component of our memory and the stories we tell to create our life.

Connect With What They Already Love

Your services are not about your passion. They are about how your passion connects with your customer and how they decide to feel as a result.I was having a conversation with a digital agency that was interested in automating a few more of their processes. ‘Bob’ asked if I had any services that could support his automation. Rather than answer Yes, because I really did have some solutions perfect for him, I asked him, Why is that important to him? The more he spoke, the more I would question until he finally admitted the real reason he wanted more sales and more time is because he was a new dad, worked from home and wanted to continue to do that. Since his family was growing, he needed a new, larger home. Our conversation stayed on that. What Bob really loved was being with his family and having a business that added value to his community without him having to compromise time with his family. By connecting the automation with what he already loved, it was easy for him to get into action because he was the one creating the opportunity instead of me telling him. Bob is now a raving fan because our conversations are always about what stimulates him at his core, which is his love for his family. Oh-by-the-way, his business more than doubled over 90 days when we focused on a disneyfyexperience.


If you are not able to connect with the WHY of your customer’s reason for engaging you, there can be no accord. Take the time to get to really know them and nurture what communicates to them that they are loved, that they matter and that their presence on the planet matters. Until then, it is almost useless to talk about ‘business’ because there is no fuel to make a decision. If you are ready to be 10-times more excited about your vocation and would like to educate yourself on how to elicit the same from those around you, contact me for a candid chat. You will be overjoyed you did! 
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