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Digital marketing automation

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Digital Agencies

How To Add More Value To Your Customers Now I was driving to see a client at their home for the second time. Because I had been there before at a similar time, I thought it would be no problem to get there again so I didn’t take a map. This was before the days

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Customer Journey Optimisation

How to Increase CJO with Appreciation Love and WOW

Before the How is… What is Customer Journey Optimisation (CJO)? It is not new. It is merely a way to describe how you give your customers #Love. Since the dawn of selling, those who were focused on providing a WOW experienced for their customers have always excelled. When your life operates from a foundation of

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How To Use Courage to Sexify Your Digital Agency

Digital Agency growth is up globally by an average of 7%. This equates to more than $28 million per annum. Do you have the courage to do what is necessary to be more than forecasted growth? Depending on your focus, it is even more. Do you ever wonder where your next customer is going to

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Digital Freelance Freedom

How to Consistently Register More, High-Value Recurring Customers Why did you become a digital marketing freelancer? Was it for the love of copywriting, developing explosive graphics, developing cool apps that change the world? Research demonstrates the number one reason freelancers do so because of perceived freedom; you want to be free from the confines of

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Digital Freelance Juggernaut

How to Expand Your Digital Offerings without Hiring More Staff Hear ye, Hear ye all photographers, copywriters, graphic artists, web developers, programmers, mobile app builders, system architects, sound engineers, videographers, sales professionals and every flavour variant of internet freelancer and all things digital; this article is especially for you. Specific times of the year are

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Disneyfy Your Digital Agency

How To Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans defines Disneyfy as: to transform (historical places, local customs, etc) into trivial entertainment for tourists. For the purpose of this article, we will take the marketing understanding, which is to amplify a customer’s experience of a product or service through a story.  Increasing the experience of

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Help, I Have Reached Capacity

3 Steps to Increase Capacity without Increasing the Bottom Line If you are skilled at your digital services craft, it is inevitable you will reach capacity. It is the sweet spot where you have enough work to be profit positive but there is a trade-off with time. Do you sacrifice your most valuable asset to

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Why Having a Niche is the Bees-Knees for Your Digital Agency

The topmost attractive traits in humanity, regardless of culture, is Confidence, Passion, Vision and being in Massive Action. It is no wonder that these are the same traits of the most successful digital marketing agencies on the planet. When you niche, it is usually in an area you have unlimited energy and joy for. Let

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