Business Automation Marketing

Business Automation Marketing

Are you currently positioned to generate 30+ clients per month, predictably, down to the dollar and day?

It is possible with your existing resources to be in action now, AND generate more revenue AND have more free time?

If you are a web developer, digital marketer, copywriter, graphic artist, videographer, or professional services expert that has exceeded capacity or doesn’t have enough ongoing clients, it’s not uncommon to feel:

  • Worn out
  • Financially stretched
  • Lacking in drive
  • Stuck
  • Out of options
  • Unfulfilled

Quite often, a business will reach a certain level and then it’s just not working the way you want. If this sounds familiar, is your business costing you financially, physically, and spiritually?

How much longer can you allow it to be this way?

How much more pain has to accumulate before you transform it?

Business Automation Marketing (B.A.M) is a simple, Step-by-Step supercharger to your business. It is the secret sauce and system that AUTOMATES your business systems and sales processes online. It requires little or no maintenance once it is set up and becomes your license to generate significant revenue.

For any business, the key to success is to leverage your ability to walk away or sell on the assets that you’ve created. Another way to think about leverage is lifestyle. Without automated systems, you’re tied down or the money stops flowing. A system replaces your activity so that you are no longer the limiter in creating the next sale.

Business Automation Marketing is the B.A.M. ingredient for creating an exit strategy for your business. Keeping your enterprise for long term gains is great if you want to be there. Selling it any time you want to is even better. BAM is the pathway to do so. Investors rarely take on a business because of people. They put stake in an opportunity because of predictable results the systems can deliver. 

Is Your Business a J-O-B, a Business or a Hobby?

Can you…?

 Leave your business for a day

… a week

… a month

… a year

Knowing that your business will keep growing without you?

A: You know you have a business when you can leave it for six to twenty-four months and it has grown without your engagement. Everything else is a hobby or a Just-Over-Broke. 

Alongside our powerful understanding of what makes your business successful by deep diving into your client’s needs, BAM is your lifestyle solution.

BAM compresses the sales cycle, deepens customer rapport, increases conversion rates and automates all outbound and inbound marketing.

  • You can automatically source hundreds to thousands to millions of leads using this system as appropriate to your circumstance.
  • BAM delivers 3 times more qualified leads compared to traditional business marketing.
  • You can create a niche that is local, national and or international.
  • Revenues can increase 50%+ in the first ninety days after implementation.
  • Your cost per lead plummets to 75%+ lower after 4 months.

BAM also increases your capacity to deliver high quality, consistent results, while gaining more time to fine-tune your superpower instead of getting bogged down by work.


Our white label client has a dynamic digital marketing portfolio with globally dispersed workflow contributors. They grew to provide a diverse digital offering for their clients in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

To generate more leads, they would spend more on PPC and FB ads. They were also doing the SMM heavy lifting for their customers, including manual content creation and distribution. This was not scalable and they had reached capacity.

Being at capacity also meant less quality time to create lead generation systems.


With BAM, our white label client was able to automate gathering prospects based upon their ideal niche. They saved enormous time by leveraging our white label digital services to do all the heavy lifting of SMM, PPC, FB ads, SEO, Web dev and more. Leveraging our reporting system to automate periodic reports back to their customers and yet provide comprehensive reporting also uncovered further opportunities to provide a deeper level of service.

48 hours after the first campaign launched, we all knew they had something remarkable. They were now processing hundreds of qualified leads a week.

They now spend their time only working with clients they are best suited to serve. Because BAM does all the heavy lifting of inbound and outbound marketing automation and nurturing, they no longer have lead generation issues for their agency. They even offer lead generation to a few of their select customers, who are thriving as a result.

Would you like more BAM for your buck?

Let’s build an optimised sales process for you, meaning that the prospective clients who arrive through automation are best fit, ready to buy clients that love you and the results you produce.

Now that’s how BAM blitzes your Business!