Branding and Marketing

Branding And Marketing
Appropriate Branding and Marketing is the Beginning and Foundation of your business health ~ Stone Gye

Are you a web developer, digital marketer, copywriter, graphic artist, videographer, programmer, animator, UX developer, business coach, or other professional services expert in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney? Have you reached capacity or maybe the opposite; you’re still not at the stage where you are attracting as many of the clients you would like to work with on a regular basis?

Have you have ever compromised quality, price or peace of mind just to ‘get one?’ You may be reading this because you are ready to increase your authority in your industry and expand the promise of freedom for your agency and that of your customers.

The key to distinguishing your brand authority is by passionately staying in your lane and knowing your secret sauce AND masterfully sharing all of that through your superpower with your raving fans. Sometimes that’s easier said than done!

Where are they?

It depends on whether you are looking the rock star experience of thousands or you just want to make a difference in the country you live in.

Effective marketing is a beautiful, sensual marriage of language. Everything is created in communication. In the same way one is not usually married to several people at once, your product and service, no matter how much you think it is a commodity, is not for everyone.

The secret sauce of being ecstatic about your business and where you are in life is to be able to deeply connect with those who resonate and vibrate at the frequency that is the blessing of your solution. In other words, to find and serve your tribe. Not everyone. YOUR tribe.

At, we connect you with self and show you step-by-step how to attract and deeply connect with those who will love and are most hungry for the solution you provide.

Once you learn the process, it is a red pill, blue pill moment.

You can no longer go back to the same old running crafty promotions in hopes of having someone register. We create a system that speaks the language of your most fervent le passionnants.

Your brand is a testament to whom you are every moment. It is not a logo. It is a presence that speaks volumes about your values, with every connection that your clients have on and off line.

At your core, you are attracted to ideals that are bigger than you perceive. You are more than the sum of your filters and inner dialogue. It is the story that you live by that your raving fans are so captivated by that they want to participate in the energy of your business, and of you.

Values are not what you say, or a few words on your About page, they are what is evidenced by your community of how you live your life.

Effective Branding and Marketing is the difference between a little league sports team of under-6s and a professional national team. While it is cute watching the young ones run after the ball, none of them are thinking about others, they just want to have fun and get the ball. Contrast that with a professional team where each player has a position and they know all the plays and have intimately studied the game, the field, the ball and the opposition. They are the winners my friend.

The experience is night and day.

It is the same with Branding and Marketing. Once you know who you are, what your irresistible offer IS and know exhaustively everything about your avatar, the way your world looks changes … and your experience of your business does too.

We support you in creating a profound relationship of value with your ideal customers such that they are fiercely passionate about what you are up to because of how you make them feel about their life.

This is Branding and Marketing whether inbound or outbound. Without it, an organisation is still in the little leagues.

When you work with us, you are not just getting a system or a widget or a blah. You get your life and you get to experience your business as a conversation that delivers on all the best parts of who you are and what you have to offer humanity. And, YES, we will work with you on:

  1. Branding guide
  2. Business plans
  3. Colour Psychology
  4. Communication plans
  5. Copy and Web Fonts
  6. Lead magnets
  7. Logos
  8. Nurturing sequences
And much, much more.
  1. Optimising
  2. Photography and Video
  3. Pull up Banners
  4. Print media
  5. Performance Roadmaps
  6. Sales funnels and processes
  7. Websites


The diverse range is not because we are schizophrenics. And we are not underestimating what it takes to be on top of your game, on the field, making the winning play.

We have a diverse range of expertise because how you want to live your life is not about the tools you leverage. It is the conversation you have about a tool that produces the result. If your belief system is such that you only want to do SMM because you feel that is the only viable path for you, we will demonstrate how you can do that and offer additional options that can fast track the experience you want.

The five (5) letter word you want to remember is to niche.

Your niche can change as you grow and we have a system that can support you to notice how that is occuring.

An example of it working is if you have ever been in a long term relationship, the connection you have with your partner from the first week is vastly different after 3-years.

Here are some considerations when you niche:

  1. Know Your Client – Niche, Niche, Niche, We work with entrepreneurs and business owners who want grow as human beings and want to make a contribution to the planet. Their time is their most valuable asset and they understand the significance of having systems provide deep value for their customers. Their agencies usually generate $500k – $2 million per annum. Our clients tend to love to play large. They want more than a transaction and like working with people who can shine a light in their blind spots. Our clients also tend to be open to taking massive purposeful action.
  2. Take Risks – In the Purple Cow, Seth Godin shares this is the only way to secure your market share in a crowded marketplace. Trust me, you don’t want to be a brown cow.
  3. Know Colours – Different colours appeal to different people and this can vary by culture. This is another reason to niche.
  4. Brand – Having a brand is more than a picture or colours. A brand is not a logo. A brand makes you feel something and causes you to think and then take action. A brand is what you stand for on the planet and how you make a difference. We creating branding and style guides with that evoke feelings from your avatar that cause them to want to enthusiastically engage in your offer.
  5. Simplicity – With the multitude of messages, you do not need to give your prospects and customers a 5-course meal all at once. Bring out each course when they are ready. It is an opportunity to WOW them with all senses. We make sure the feeling and visual is in perfect harmony with your content. Your prospects will make a decision on how they feel about you visually within the first 3-seconds of being at your site. Titillate them.
  6. Branded Photography – More than a professional photo shoot, your visuals need to shock and overtake your prospects with elation. Every image is a delectable delight in telling a story on how perfect your solution is for your avatar. Your photoshoot communicates your professionalism and disciplined artistry in providing something unique for your customers that lets them know how special they really are.
  7. VIDEO – Oh the many, many reasons video is essential…
    1. The human brain processes video 60,000 faster than text
    2. Landing pages with video increase conversions by 80%
    3. Lead capture forms placed within the first 10 – 20% of the video convert 38 – 40% better than videos without a lead capture form;
    4. 82% of Twitter users watch video on Twitter;
    5. Youtube has a billion users, which is ⅓ of all internet users;
    6. 45% of people on the internet watch 1-hour video on Facebook / Youtube every week;
    7. 500 million hours of content are watched on Youtube every day;
    8. More video is uploaded in 30 days that major global networks have produced in 30 years;
    9. 87% of online marketers use video;
    10. By 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video;
    11. 92% of mobile video is shared;
    12. Video has a 135% greater organic reach than images on Facebook;
    13. Companies that effectively use video have 41% more traffic than those who do not;
  8. SMM and directory listings – If you want connect with your raving fans, ensure all your social channels are congruent and consistent with your brand. Speak the language of the channel as relates to your values and resonates with your avatar. Using RSS feeds on your preferred platforms is an effective way to maintain fresh and juicy content that satiates your customers.
  9. YOUR FACE – It can be you and or your team. No one connects with a widget. They connect with people. The more diversity you can showcase in how you deliver WOW for your customers, the more captivated they are in wanting to stay with you to meet their needs and wants. Having photos and videos of events your organisation is a part of and the shenanigans they get up to is priceless.

Without appropriate branding and marketing, you are a foreigner on another planet that can not speak the language or understand their customs. We support you in bridging the gap so that your relationships are rich and mutually beneficial.

A business is not a thing. It is You. And we support you to become the best player in the league.

Are you open to the possibility?