How To Use Courage to Sexify Your Digital Agency

Digital Agency growth is up globally by an average of 7%. This equates to more than $28 million per annum. Do you have the courage to do what is necessary to be more than forecasted growth? Depending on your focus, it is even more. Do you ever wonder where your next customer is going to

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Where to Source Your Next Leads

Leads, Leads, Leads – Top 50 for Agencies Who Niche in Fitness Depending on who you speak with prospecting and sales are either tedious or exceptionally rewarding. This article caters to the latter. It is especially easy to source leads and referrals when your heart is in a space of appreciation and joy expectancy. Said

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How To Deliver CJO For You And Your Customers

Customer Journey Optimisation (CJO) is a way of describing the complete experience a customer has in relation to a brand meeting their needs. It includes all social channels, email, SMS and MMS campaigns as well as traditional marketing. CJO is being responsible for every aspect of how your customers can take advantage of the unique

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Supercharge Your Digital Agency

Using What You Have To Be The Best In Your Lane WOW! Supercharge?! That is an awesome word. It can be added to many things and be the bee’s knees. #Supercharged cars, computers, aircraft, human beings and on and on. Before we get into how to Supercharge your agency, let’s break the word down so

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Faith in Action Launched

When redesign launched on 01 AUG 2018, the heavens opened, a symphony and angels sang #beautiful melodies and gardens instantly burst with vibrancy and colour. Faith has manifested. Well, that is not exactly what happened. It is how I felt. The reason this is important to you is that if you have ever had

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Digital Freelance Freedom

How to Consistently Register More, High-Value Recurring Customers Why did you become a digital marketing freelancer? Was it for the love of copywriting, developing explosive graphics, developing cool apps that change the world? Research demonstrates the number one reason freelancers do so because of perceived freedom; you want to be free from the confines of

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