Diabetes and Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Diabetes

While it is interesting to speculate on a traditional, non-invasive, non-pharmacological solution to disease, it is important to understand there are innumerable factors that go into diagnosis, observation and determinations relating to a system that is out of alignment. This is to say, it is inappropriate to suggest herbal, direct needling, cupping, etc., as a

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Lead Generation Services

What Is Your Customer's Core Desire

5-Steps to Delivering Irresistible Solutions Your Clients Need and Want After reading this you will know how to leverage your commerce, desire, sales, passion, offers, and #proposal overtures in an irresistible way every moment of the day. Developing mastery of this has a direct correlation to how connected you are to your own #passions as

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Stone Gye’s Reading List

Stone Gye's Reading List

Feed Your Soul Because friends and clients are always asking, How did you learn that? or How did you come to that philosophy? I am sharing some of the books which have influenced me. Reading is foreplay to an orgasm. Reading is the cultivation of fertile ground in preparation for a crop of heavy and bountiful

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