Powerful Core Values Cause Abundance Flood for Business and Life

Powerful Core Values Cause Abundance Flood for Business and Life - StoneGye.com, Core Values and Creed
Value is a living Being. As our enterprise grows, it becomes more and more important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, our relationships and our actions. Core values offer a filter by which we are able to consistently focus on and take actions that embody what and who we say we are. These values underpin all we believe and stand for. Values are a light for everything we think, say & do. Your values are made evident by the results you have in your life now. Whether you know it or not… you are a ‘HIGH ENERGY’ being, vibrating LOVE…

Come from Love

One of the things we are distinguished by at StoneGye.com is we use the word ‘LOVE’ a lot! Everyone we meet reflects self. We are curious about how to make a difference regardless of who they are or how they present themselves. By enabling others to feel loved, be supported and cherished, we nurture self. Coming from Love also means we respect the maps of others even when we do not understand them.We are ever expanding, ever loving, ever knowing and ever growing in Oneness and Love. In short…..’WE MATTER’ and at StoneGye.com, we do our best to show others that they matter and that they are important.We are more than a team or a family. We watch out for each other, care for each other and go above and beyond for each other because we believe in each other and we trust each other.

Ask Yourself:

Do you exemplify love?

Do you lift others up and make them feel important?

Do you allow your head or ego to guide you instead of leading with love?

How can you cherish others more?

Allow Integrity to Guide Your Actions

At StoneGye.com we believe our words and language create reality. If we say we are going to do something we take the appropriate action to honour it, even when we are not 100% on how we are going to achieve it.We expect each of our members to bring their expertise, their passion and their desire to deliver on and honour our word. There’s no point in being part of an enterprise that talks a great game but can’t or won’t deliver. If and when we need to restore integrity, we do so.We’re in this together and to really succeed, it takes all of us bringing our best consistently and bringing out the best in others so they can truly shine.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Marianne Williamson

Ask Yourself:

Can you count on yourself to get the job done?

Do your actions always match your words?

Do you keep going even when the going is inconvenient or tough?

We Care for Our Mind & Bodies

As we support our bodies and minds with the best ingredients for health and vitality, we bring forth abundance and opportunities.StoneGye.com has always had a strong focus on physical exercise and nutrition for health and vitality. Equally important are resting and our ability to be at peace and consciously aware of our thoughts and what we are choosing to fill our mind and heart with. It is out of integrity to attempt to be the best for others when you do not do it for yourself first.We value going to bed early to get enough rest, ready for training just as much as ensuring we give our bodies the right nutrition throughout the day. What’s more, we make sure we are surrounding ourselves with positive, uplifting people and read & listen to positive, uplifting material that is resourceful for the individual and the enterprise.

Ask Yourself:

Do the books you read and television shows you watch support you?

Do you surround yourself with happy, successful & positive people?

What actions do you take to be more conscious of your thoughts eg meditation, bushwalking, yoga etc?

Be Passionate and Determined

Within our enterprise, people drive our experiences, so their passion and determination to expand matters. One of the things making us so unique is that each of us brings our own passion for results and determination to be a contribution. It’s not enough to love our culture; each of us is responsible for creating and generating culture. No organisation can thrive on apathy, selfishness or fear. Our measurable results are also an indication of our values lived.
Our culture doesn’t just happen; each of us contributes to building an enterprise we love.Stone Gye
All great communities have people who are passionate about what they do, are clear on why it matters and are determined to negotiate any obstacles for the good of all. Greatness doesn’t happen because we want it; we attract it every moment because of who we are being.We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going. We don’t take “no” or “that’ll never work” for an answer because if we had, we never would have started. Passion and determination are contagious. We believe in having an optimistic attitude about everything we do because we realize this inspires others to have the same attitude. There is excitement in knowing everyone you interact with has a tremendous impact on a larger dream and vision, and you can see that impact every day.

Ask Yourself:

Are you passionate about StoneGye.com (your family)?

Are you passionate about creating an amazing life for yourself and the enterprise?

Do you see yourself in and love the people around you?

What do the results of your life now indicate your values are?

Be Growth, Development and Our Values

At StoneGye.com, we love growing and develop every facet of our life. We believe that each one of us is whole and complete, bursting with abundance. The next stage of evolution is to always remember and engage your divinity.Growth means taking on new challenges and it can feel risky, painful, stressful and confusing. It means we are moving; we are getting experience, truth, developing resilience and learning how incredible and capable we really are.We strive and thrive because our attitude is, How do we cause this to work? If something doesn’t work, Be something else, and if that doesn’t work, Be something else, until we experience the desired result.

Ask Yourself:

Are you a more resourceful person with more options today than you were yesterday?

How do you challenge & stretch yourself?

How do you cause StoneGye.com (your family) enterprise to grow?

Be Explosively Delicious

At StoneGye.com we don’t just live, we thrive! Everything we are is a celebration of life.We expect the lives of others to be enriched by our presence. This means being fabulous, confident and loving. Our light shines brightly giving others permission to do the same.We are on this earth to be the full expression of LOVE and Light that we truly are. At StoneGye.com, we support others in realizing their deliciously, fabulous greatness and divinity.

Ask Yourself:

Do I have the thoughts, feelings, communication, actions and results that demonstrate love for self and others?

How do I celebrate my life within StoneGye.com (your family)?

How do I allow others to shine their light within StoneGye.com?


I am alive now and all is a blessing.

In this moment, I choose how I feel.

I choose to live in joy, be grateful and be light and love for all.

We are all one.

We are energy, We are Abundance.