About Stone Gye

It isn’t Your Business or Environment It’s You!

Transforming Digital Agencies, Causing Explosive Growth By Automating The Attraction Of Your Raving Fans

How much longer will you allow it to be this way?
How much more pain has to accumulate before you transform it?

The solution is a simple, Step-by-Step process that

  1. Automates Lead Generation and conversion and sales;
  2. Increases capacity to deliver high quality, consistent results:

You know you have a business when you can leave it for 6 – 24 months and upon your return, it has grown without your engagement.

Using a system of digital arbitrage, digital business automation, appropriate sales processes and time leverage, you can completely transform your agency in ninety days.

This system delivers 3 times more qualified leads compared to traditional business marketing.

You have the option of creating a niche that is local, national and or international.
Revenues can increase 50%+ in the first ninety days after implementation.
Your cost per lead significantly plummets after 4 months.
You gain time to fine-tune your superpower instead of getting bogged down by work.

Having been in business and technology 20+ years, I cultivated a superpower that enables others to say YES to self for the things that really make a difference in their life and community.

It isn’t your business or environment that is the issue.

When you get out of the way and allow abundance to flow, everything you are meant for floods into and through your life.

Together, with our dedicated global team of 205 ultra-passionate creatives and producers,  we can collaborate and partner with you in the creation of the legacy and vision you have for your enterprise. 

Book a complimentary 30-minute conversation with me to start mapping the remix of your digital agency.