7 Habits Of Highly Effective Digital Agencies

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Your Habits can Create Your Reality

How To Add More Value To Your Customers Now

I was driving to see a client at their home for the second time. Because I had been there before at a similar time, I thought it would be no problem to get there again so I didn’t take a map. This was before the days of GPS and iPhones. As I drove further and further, the landmarks that were meant to guide me to an expected conclusion all seemed to meld into one. Everything looked familiar and was completely wrong. I ended up 35 minutes on the opposite side of town before stopping at a petrol station to ask for directions. It was not a blinding example of being effective. This time I wrote them down. Once there was a specific path to follow, I met with my client exactly on time (thank goodness I had left early). Life and business are this way. We can’t ‘leave it to fate’ to determine an outcome. Australians are fond of saying, “We’ll see how we go.” I have never been able to figure out who ‘We’ is or why that is such a ubiquitous strategy in life. If you are in business, business is specific, purposeful, deliberate and expansive. There is another organism that moves in a similar pattern. We will cover that later. You can not do business without a plan, a map. Otherwise, you end up nowhere near your intended destination.

Where is the Gold

Highly effective agencies operate where the gold is. You cultivate the most fertile soil to produce the highest quality and yielding crops. You do this first by being connected to your own passion. You stay in your flow and easily provide masterful solutions to the problems your niche confronts. The gold is in the flow of your passion. This is where your niche resides, hungry for more helpings of the purposeful dishes you serve.The more clear and surgical you are about being in the flow of your passion, the effective and deeper and purer the gold will be.

Outcomes and Experiences

I had a client say she wanted to lower her body fat by 10kg. I asked her why it was important to her and she said it was for health reasons. Curious what she meant, I asked what was so urgent about her health right now. She said it was time to do something about it. The more surface her answers, the more questions she received. In shame, she finally admitted her husband no longer paid attention to her or was intimate with her. She thought if she lost some weight, she would be more attractive to him. What was the real outcome? Was it to lose weight? Was it to have a new wardrobe? The outcome and experienced she was after were 1. Confidence, 2. Full Self Expression, and 3. The expressing and receiving of #Love in all forms.After allowing herself to be vulnerable, we were able to collaboratively craft a program that delivered on both her wants and needs. After 2 weeks, she was no longer running from pain, she was running towards her bliss with joy and contentment. She eventually went from a size 14 to a size 10 for which she was exceedingly proud of herself.

The One Thing

What is the one thing that you could focus on taking purposeful action in that would transform all aspects of your business and the interests of your customers?
Who would you need to be? Who do you know that would consistently deliver above what was expected and leave your customers in a state of bliss? Who could you model? Being a father is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. I don’t need to read a manual about how to love my children. I just do. It is natural for me to care for them, think about them often, etc., I am ‘being’ love. I am ‘being’ papa. Who are you being that delivers so much value to your business and that of your clients?

Win + Win + Win

The top digital marketing agencies look for ways to create harmony for everyone around them. As you network and cultivate relationships, you naturally see the values people in your life have and you connect them with others for a mutual win-win. Your focus on creating harmony and abundance is not at the expense of yourself or your agency. You make sure that all interactions and deals benefit everyone, including the community impacted by your efforts. You have processes in place that make win-win-win part of your decision matrix. You look for ways to leverage magic that is the result of groups of contributors instead of only one person because you understand the power of many can be greater than one.


Listening is one of the greatest #gifts you can give yourself, those you are listening to, and your community. Listening is not only respectful, it is integral to #communication. When someone feels listened to and gotten, they are more likely to interact with you from a mutual context. Without listening, sales, negotiations, #relationships and all other forms of connection are impossible. As you are listening, slow everything down in your mind. Stop attempting to figure them out or fix their problem or organise what you are going to say in response. Just listen with #curiosity on how it must be for them. Asking open questions for more details on what they believe a possible solution could be goes a long way to having your customers be vested in taking effective action.

Connect and Collaborate

Imagine if everyone you have ever seen or met or heard about is not ‘everyone.’ Imagine that everyone is you in the same way that ears, internal organs, the feet and so on comprise a human body. If all that you could see and detect is a reflection of you seeing you, what could your relationship be? Would you hate certain aspects of yourself or would you endeavour to harmonise? Highly effective digital agencies intently listen to the root of what their customer is really communicating and delivers on their deepest desires by connecting them with others who have solved the issue they are working on and are in the space they desire to be in. They not only cultivate families, they grow tribes.

Self-care and Full Self Expression

Digital agencies overflowing with abundance understand that their ‘work’ is merely a tool for their customers to experience what they really want for their lives. The technology is not the end result nor is securing new customers or more profit. The end result is always an expansion of #love. By keeping their physical and mental bodies in the best health possible, they are able to provide the best service to their clients. They do not hold back on sharing truth merely because it could potentially be perceived as unpleasant to hear or uncomfortable to share. At all times, digital agencies that lead with Love are using their passion and digital marketing to nurture their customers into an evolution of self that allows them to be more than their thoughts or contrived feelings.


Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. ~Albert Einstein
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