Month: February 2020

How to Manifest Anything (now)

The #lawofattraction is similar to gravity. It is always on and works exactly the same for everyone. We are going to review a few simple steps that will consistently deliver the results you want every time. #Manifesting becomes difficult when you do not follow the #map. If you are trying to get to the grocery

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Chakra Essential Oils

As a student of TCM (acupuncturist), Hypnotherapist and Lomi Lomi practitioner, I have had the fortune of using my education and experience to increase effectiveness and performance in many areas of my life, including psychologically, physically and #spiritually. All things are #energy, especially human beings. There are specific personal practices you can include in your

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Hack Top 5 Diseases With This Powerful Solution -

Hack Top 5 Diseases With This Powerful Solution

The solution for optimal #wellness for most ailments has been known and applied since antiquities. Sometimes, it takes hearing the same message several times or a grave situation arising before you will take action. Consider this oration a reminder of what you already know and encouragement to be in action congruent with your divinity and

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